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With so many couples getting engaged over Christmas and New Year, we figured there's going to be a lot of wedding prep going on right now! If you're looking to add a handmade touch to your wedding, take a look at these ideas for a range of skills and craft types, to add that personal touch!

10 Ways to Create a Handmade Wedding


If you're a dressmaker and have always wanted to do more with your skills, why not make your own bridesmaid, or even bridal, dress? Pick up some beautiful flowing fabric like this Silky Satin in Mink, and a simple evening dress pattern, for easy dresses that won't break the bank and can be made to measure.

For winter weather or more formal wedding themes, a satin-back crepe is a great fabric choice, and you can decide whether to use the shiny satin side or matte crepe side. Either way, it drapes lovely with just a hint more structure than chiffons and silky satin.

If you're the bride and not ambitious enough to take on your own wedding dress (we don't blame you!), why not add a handmade touch by making your own veil? All you need is some veiling tulle and patience - we love this pin spot tulle for something a little more unusual!

For the Groomsmen

Don't let the guys miss out on the special touches - add a quirky touch of fun with some handmade bow ties! Pick a fabric and colour which fits with your theme, then grab yourself a bow tie clip set for everything you need to create your own in no time at all!


Table Decoration

Save some money on your table decor by doing it yourself, and get exactly what you want to match your theme. Why not drape your table in a luxurious fabric like above for a luxe table covering that's less dreary than white tablecloths? 

Or go traditional and make your own table runners from a length of hessian, adorned with a bit of lace ribbon?

If you love the rustic countryside look and feel, continue your hessian and lace theme onto your smaller table decorations - you can wrap this lace-edged hessian or hessian and lace ribbon around vases, candle holders or cutlery for an extra flourish.

You could also finish off your cutlery wraps, vases or holders with a flourish of romantic ribbon like the one below:


Create something truly unique for your guests to take home and remember your special day - we love the idea of these amigurumi birds for every guest, which they can keep and display in their own home! Make in the colours of your theme for ultimate co-ordination.


Even if you can only add one or two handmade elements to your wedding, they'll mean a lot to you and your guests - and your wedding invites are the easiest place to to do this! Pick your favourite ribbons or trims and add to your invites either as a fastening or decoration, for something extra special - we think this delicate sheer heart ribbon is perfect for the occasion, in a romantic shade of deep red.

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January 17, 2017 by Amy Gilbert

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