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We've been feeling so inspired by watching the latest episodes of the Great British Bake Off - after all, who doesn't love being creative in a way that lets you eat after!?
To celebrate our love for all things baked goods, we got hold of this super sweet fabric cake project to have a go at. All the sweet-looking gorgeousness of cake without the calories! To have your cake and eat (well, display) it, take a look at the instructions below...
Fabric Cake Tutorial


What you need:
White felt
Patterned fabric
Pink ribbon & ricrac
Small pompoms
Felt flowers
Coloured pearl beads
Piece of foam or toy stuffing



1) Make your templates. Take a piece of paper and draw 2 triangles the same size, two side pieces and one back piece. You can choose your own measurements to fit your fabric/preferences. The adjoining sides all need to be the same lengths for each piece. You should be left with two triangles and three rectangles - one rectangle shorter in width than the other two for the back piece.

2) Cut one base triangle, two side pieces and one back piece from white felt. Cut one top triangle from your patterned fabric.


3) With right sides facing, pin the long side of the patterned fabric to the long side of one of the felt side pieces. Machine stitch in place. Now pin the other long side of the patterned fabric to the long side of the second felt side piece, and again machine stitch in place. Pin the felt back piece to the short side of the patterned fabric and machine stitch as before. Pin the side seams together, and once again machine stitch in place to complete the cover.


4) Fill the cake with the piece of foam or stuffing. Place the felt base in place, pin the seams and hand stitch. To hide the join, hand sew ric rac across the fabric change.


5) To decorate your cake, hand sew a length of ribbon around the edge (making sure that it is centred) and embellish the top with pearl beads, felt flowers and small pompoms.



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August 14, 2014 by Angela Gilbert

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