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Crafts for Christmas - Top Ten Christmas Projects To Get Started On In Autumn


So I know we all hate being reminded how long we have left til the impending doom of mass present buying begins again, but guess's only 16 weeks til Christmas! Whilst an annoying reminder about hitting the shops, this is the perfect time to start thinking about a crafty Christmas.

You'll need realistic time to prepare between now and December, so I'd recommend setting aside at least a couple of evenings a week (depending on how much you want to make) for sewing. It seems like a long time but it means that your gifts will be personal and much more magical for it! (And think about how many hours you've put into trying to find the perfect present in the past....probably about the same time as it would take to make the perfect gift!)

Here is our top ten list for Christmas makes to get going on in advance!


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1) Personalised Christmas decorations

I've seen a lot of ideas for these on Pinterest lately, and they are just adorable! They make a superb little gift, especially for the children's friends and people that you won't get to see nearer christmas day. Best of all, they can get them out and use them every year, looking fondly upon your friendship for years to come. Also a great project to get the kids involved with, as most only require simple hand sewing stitches and a bit of felt/fabric! You can personalise them either by adding names/initials or by including some of their favourite things.

Some of my favourite ones:



2) Felt Christmas Tree

If you're longing for a more fuss-free Christmas this year, but the children can't live without a Christmas tree, get going on a needle-free (well, pine needle-free!) beauty! Simple enough for children to have a go at, they can proudly display in the house afterwards and will love putting little presents underneath it. A fantastic decoration!

Find the instructions here

3) Fabric Advent Calendar

Not strictly a gift, but a great idea to save money in the long run and add a bit of a homemade touch to your christmas decorations. We've had one for years, and they are always great fun - plus we get to choose which sweets we want to put in them! Simple to make and beautiful to look at, they also mean that if you don't want to shovel your kids full of sugar every morning you can opt for other pocket fillers.

Makower do an excellent range of pre-printed Advent panels, that include all the pockets, the background, and the instructions on the panel. All you have to do is cut out the pockets, stitch them on the front as per the instructions, and then back (and pad out if you want) with a backing fabric of your choice.

Check out the designs below, which range from easy (left) to slightly harder (right). All are still beginner-friendly, and the stocking advent is particularly quirky as you can pin them up on the fireplace or string them along as a bunting!




4) Christmas Table Runner

Finish your Christmas banquet off in style (and add to the festive feel all December long) by proudly displaying a homemade Christmas table runner on your dinner table. 

These designs are simply stunning, but you can make them as easy or decorative as you feel comfortable with, and with whatever colours suit your Christmas decs!



5) Christmas quilt

For the more adventurous sewers, or those looking for a challenge, get working on a Christmas quilt! Beautifully adorned with a range of fabrics, make them with your favourite fabrics in mind if you'll be getting it out whilst you sit in front of the fire on a cold winter night. If you're making it as a gift, make it extra special by including colours, fabrics and patterns that you know they'll love. You could even add initials or a name in applique on the top (and other applique detail such as shapes & ribbons).

Here's some great ideas:



6) Christmas pixies

Nobody can resist these cute and mischievous little pixies as they sit on your mantelpiece whispering their secrets to each other! Make them yourself with our handy little kits which include everything you need, including materials and instructions - just add your thread and glue! You won't find a prettier pair of pixies in all the land; their little personalities come out as you place them in different positions together!


7) Santa Chair Covers

Add a little novelty to your Christmas dining table by making these novelty chair covers! Great for getting kids in the Christmas spirit and a bit of fun for the adults too, they aren't too hard to whip up on the sewing machine. Make a start now, and you might find yourself making a few extra for friends and family - plus it's one less thing to do in December.



8) Christmas Stockings

In recent years, handmade stockings have really come into their own. Once again, they are not only fantastic in your own home, but make a wonderful special gift for friends and family.

These are a project for all ability levels in sewing as you can make them as simple or elaborate as you like! For a simpler stocking, grab yourself one of Makower's easy Christmas Stocking Panels. Preprinted and ready to go, simply cut out and stitch together, adding padding and quilting if you like.



For something a little more advanced, add quilting and applique for extra detailing. These are some lovely examples:




9) Christmas bunting

We can't get enough of bunting, so who says it's just for summer sun and garden tea parties? Scrap the plastic, mass-made Christmas decs and decorate your home in something more luxurious and beautiful that guests can't fail to love! 



10) Handmade Toys

Nothing says special like a handmade toy for a child, but they often take a while to put together so make sure you leave plenty of time around the hectic-ness of everyday life to do a little more on them each day. From dolls, to bears, to elves, there's a toy for everyone! Even the adults... Just make sure that there are no loose parts and the stitching is extra strong, as health and safety is super important for anything that a child plays with. We want them to have a great Christmas with your toy!

Some exciting handmade toy ideas:



Don't forget that we have an exciting array of christmas fabrics for any size project, simply take a look at our Christmas Collection - including our new Christmas Fat Quarter Bundles


September 12, 2014 by Amy Gilbert

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