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With the announcement of Wills & Kate's second child today, we couldn't resist a little post about sewing for new arrivals! 

Read on to find all sorts of sewing projects for babies, from toys to useful equipment (think burping cloths and more), that can all be made that extra bit special by making yourself, and make great baby gifts.
Comment below to share any ideas you have or baby-related things you have made in the past!


One of the sweetest baby toys that will keep them interested and let them snuggle up when they get sleepy are these baby Taggie Dinosaurs. The ribbons are stitched securely so they won't come off, and are great for little chompers to get their teeth/gums into! 


Find the tutorial at


If you're looking for something a bit different for a new baby, check out these kitsch Baby Faux Vest Onesies! Something of an ode to the late Doctor Who that was Matt Smith in my opinion, but they still look pretty cute for an evening out with your baby boy.



Find the tutorial at


A beautiful Felt Bird Mobile like this one would be a great gift for a baby shower - simply cut the relevant shapes and pieces out of coloured felt and stitch together with a simple blanket stitch or overstitch, and sew in ribbon or rope for hanging. Easy project for beginners to have a go at, and make it in whatever colours correspond to the nursery!





Another quirky find are these fantastic Superhero Baby Bibs, perhaps a good one to appease the fathers out there! Sadly not a free one, but the pattern is on Etsy for only a few pounds which isn't too bad!


For something more practical, these Re-usable Snack Baggies are ideal for adventures out and will see you through the toddler years too! Put anything from grapes to rusks in them and if you use PVC/Oilcloth, they are super easy to wipe clean if things get a little messy. 



Find the instructions at


Baby girls can look every bit the princess that they are, in these DIY Dress Onesies! Update a simple onesie suit by adding a skirt to the outside, which not only looks stylish but is a lot easier and warmer in winter than getting out the baby dresses. Find the tutorial and some ideas at




Boutique Burp Cloths are a great idea for a gift, or tackling a small sewing project while you're still with bump. They'll also come in super handy once baby arrives, and you can never have too many! Use whatever fabric most appeals to you on the outside, and something soft and absorbent on the wipeable side for comfort and ease of use. You'll never be without them!


As we're getting further and further into September, we know that the inevitable cold weather will hit sometime, so be prepared with some cute DIY Baby Mittens. Make them in an array of fun fabrics to keep your little one happy and warm as can be! Find the tutorial at



And for a truly elegant and beautiful gift for a mum-to-be, why not try out making a Simple Two-Piece Quilt that will look stylish in their home/nursery and be beautifully comfy for their little one? Take a look at this one for inspiration - it really is quite simple, using two pieces of fabric sewn together, so don't feel daunted about taking on a quilt!

September 08, 2014 by Amy Gilbert

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