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Looking for something a bit different to do this Valentine's day? If one, or both of you, like getting a bit creative, we've put together some ideas on how to spend your day - in a much more fun way than just dinner or the cinema!

Valentine's Day Ideas for Creative Couples


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The Half-Day Gift Challenge

Give yourself the morning to make each other a present using only things you have in the house. It can be silly, romantic, fun or useful, but get creative and start thinking outside the box! When you're done, exchange gifts - even though they may have seemed a bit naff to begin with, they're representative of the fun you both had making them and will be special because of the thought you put into them.

Indoor Picnic

There's no reason why you can't get romantic with a picnic, even when the weather is looking a bit dodgy... just do it inside! Make or buy some picnic-worthy treats (aka. everything miniature!), grab a blanket, and if you're feeling super creative you could even make a special cushion or two for the occasion.

The plus sides to this plan are that you won't get rained on and the bathroom is not far to find!

Hobby Swap

Take half the day to teach each other something that you love doing. Although his hobby may sound boring to you, you may find you end up enjoying it too when he gets into showing you his favourite bits of it, and if not - well, at least you'll have a better understanding of where he's coming from! Sharing your passions is a great way to connect with each other and show that you love them, despite your differences. It might even bring you a new appreciation for their skills! And of course, you get to make him sit and listen to your favourite hobby after!

Home Movie Theatre

Turn a conventional date idea into a fun and more unique one, by recreating a movie theatre in your own home! Borrow some speakers or surround sound if you don't have any, turn down the lights and maybe light a few candles to create atmosphere. Pick a film you both love, instead of having to choose from the limited range at the cinema. The beauty of creating it at home means you can be surrounded by your favourite snacks, drinks and blankets to make it super comfy! To go all out, you could even borrow a projector or buy one of those clever smartphone projectors, to get yourself a taste of the big screen experience!

Get the Kids Involved

Whilst Valentine's day is great for showing your partner how much you love them, don't forget to celebrate the other loves in your life too! If you've got kids, it's great to get them involved for some of the day, especially if they are feeling lonely. You could do something crazy like draw or stitch your own family portrait, each person drawing themselves or someone else!


Have you got any ideas for creative dates? Share your thoughts and comments below!


February 10, 2015 by Amy Gilbert

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