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Galentine's day is a term coined on Parks and Recreation, and it's celebrated on 13th February. What does it celebrate? Girl power! It's about getting all your fave girls together and celebrating everything about them, whether single or in a relationship. Because we all deserve to feel loved and appreciated, no matter what our relationship status! Still not convinced? Read Buzzfeed's article on why you should celebrate... mostly because "ovaries before brovaries" is such a great quote!

10 Things to Do on Galentine's Day!


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Make yourselves feel good by making pretty things

Nothing says girl time like getting creative in some way - so why not make yourselves something to feel good? Depending on your sewing skills, it could be anything from a headband to a top to a dress! Sometimes it's good to treat yo'self too, after all, you do so much for other people all year!

Stage your own catwalk fashion show

Because obviously you have clothes you need to show off! And teaching each other how to attempt walking down a catwalk correctly can be hilarious fun, especially when somebody accidentally gets over-enthusiastic and ends up tripping over their own feet... I mean, everybody manages to give a sassy walk in style! If you wanna go the whole hog, make your pretty dresses from above and then show them off with your catwalk.

Have a go at an upcycling/scrap challenge

The challenge? To make something for one of your friends out of what you have in front of you or to hand. Grab a load of old clothes (or invest a nifty couple of quid in a charity shop for some) and/or some fabric scraps plus needle, thread etc. and get going! Cheating by using Pinterest for ideas and technique is definitely allowed!

Get creative in the kitchen

...and have a swanky couples dinner party all for yourselves! The posher, the better. Why not spend hours making canapés and desserts that you'd love to eat, and then eat them with your favourite people?! The plus points the this plan are many... number one being that you still get to share the leftovers with your favourite people.

The swankiest bar in town

Who says you always have to hit up the most expensive bars in town to enjoy the finest drinks and company? Nobody! So have a go at creating your ideal bar at home. There are only advantages to this plan: you get to have fun mixing up your own cocktails/creating new ones, it's soooo much cheaper, and you can drink as much as you feel like without being judged or having to fork out for a ridiculously expensive taxi fare at the end of the night... just turn it into a slumber party!

Unleash your younger talents

Get crafty like you did in school, and make yourself a REAL photo collage (none of this instagram montage rubbish). Find out (or buy) some fun supplies like pretty tissue or scrapbook paper, glitter, embellishments and buttons, plus a ton of PVA. Tell everyone to bring round some photos they love of your times together, and get sticking! You could make a massive one or put all the photos in a pile and each pick a few to make your own collage.

Bring along some classic V-day gifts

So we all love chocolate and wine pretty much, right? There's no reason for any of us to miss out! Tell everyone to bring something they might like to consume (I mean, receive) on Valentine's day, then gorge on them in a fun and delicious manner! Because all chocolates must be taste-tested before the big day, just to make sure that anybody who is giving them can be assured of their quality....

The classic stay-at-home romantic

Of course, if you want to keep some classic romance traditions going strong, you can always go for a twist on a classic: creating an at-home movie theatre experience. Take a vote on the best film to watch and get girly with the decor - break out the snuggly blankets, fluffy cushions, and if you're feeling extravagant, you could even hang a few swags of fabric up from the ceiling or walls. Crack out the fairy lights and an abundance of low-level lighting to create the perfect ambiance. Then it's onto the snacks - popcorn is a must, but other than that, anything goes in this cinema of wonders!

Hit the streets

...the high streets, that is! Get yourselves together and go for a fun mini-shopping spree challenge. Set a budget for everyone to stick to, then let each other loose! Agree to meet back for coffee in a couple of hours to review everyone's purchases and see who got the best deal! 

Pamper yourselves

Whether you do this at home, or out at a spa, it is most definitely something that needs to be done every once in a while! A great idea for those on a budget is to go for a Group-on or similar type deal, where you can book in advance and get a really good deal, as well as feeling like a real treat because you won't be at home. Or if you're at home, get the treatments under way and then have a go at mastering make up techniques on each other - if you're feeling great after, get your best clothes on and go out, you'll feel great!


February 12, 2015 by Amy Gilbert

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