Mini Refresher Sewing Bundle

£12.65 £10.00

Looking to update your sewing box equipment but don't want to spend a fortune filling it again?

Why not try our fab mini refresher sewing bundle, filled with a load of goodies that often need replacing after a while. We've got some handy fabric markers at the ready, bobbins for when you don't want to keep unwinding all your colours to make way for a new one, and sharp new sets of pins and scissors to keep things neat. 

This set also features some fantastic glass head pins, which are ideal for so many projects as they are heatproof - meaning you can still press and iron things with the pins in, saving so much time! Their colourful pin heads are also easy to see when you've got them under the machine.


  • Pack of heatproof glass head pins
  • Seam ripper
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Pack of bobbins
  • Fabric markers