According to what we've seen on Twitter today, it's International Joke Day. So we thought it would be fun to join in and bring you our favourite selection of sewing jokes from around the web!

Best Sewing Jokes - International Joke Day


I shouldn't tell sewing jokes, I'm always running out of new material


Don't be silly doctor, this is a fabric collection not a hoarding disorder!


Up, down, up, down..Now out to the sides and down and across... Aaaand stretch, stretch! - This sewing class is working wonders for my aerobics!


Husband: You're not buying all that fabric, are you?

Wife: Yes, but look at how much I'm leaving behind!


I'm a fabricaholic on the road to recovery... just kidding, i'm on my way to the fabric store!


I was getting annoyed with my latest sewing project when my hubby helpfully came declaring, "You seamstressed!"


My friend composes songs about sewing machines. She's a Singer songwriter!


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July 01, 2015