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Fabric Sample Guide


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Struggle to identify fabrics when buying online? Have something tangible for reference at home when working out what fabric to use for your project, and purchasing what you need, with our handy fabric sample booklet.

This guide features 52 samples of our most common types of fabrics, to give you a good idea what they look and feel like. You'll be able to see how fibre contents affect the fabric and what different weights feel like between your fingers. Ideal for when you can't get to your fabric shop! 

We also feature a short guide in the front about how to choose a fabric, talking you through important elements like weight, stretch, type and widths. For each fabric, we also suggest what it can be used for and the needle type you'll need to sew it.

  • Great for beginners
  • Includes 52 samples of common fabrics
  • Recommends a needle type for each fabric
  • Learn about different fabric types, weights and fibres
  • Designed and made by us!

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