Know someone who's just started sewing and would love to get them a sewing gift, but have no idea what's appropriate for a beginner? Or maybe you've got a loved one who wants to start sewing... here's some of our best gifts for sewing beginners!

Sewing Starter Bundle

Get them off to a great start with this handy bundle, featuring three of our most-essential items for beginner sewists! You'll get our best-selling fabric guide, a Prym starter set containing essential tools in a handy case, and a pack of coloured threads to sort you out with the basics for a bunch of projects.

Fabric Sample Guide

The perfect guide for those just starting to learn about fabrics, this handy booklet contains 40 samples of the most common fabrics to help newbies identify what different fabrics look and feel like. It also comes with an explanation of key terms, fabric shopping tips and recommended needle types for each fabric!

Gutermann Vintage Tin Sew-All Thread Set

The one thing any sewist cannot be without, is a good range of thread colours. It means you don't have to keep heading to the fabric shop every time you start a project to get a thread, and this one gets bonus gifting points because it comes in a cute little tin you can re-use!


Stitch in Time Large Gift Bundle

If there's one thing all sewists can agree on, it's that they can't resist anything that is sewing themed - so this bundle is not going to disappoint! For a beginner, it's got everything they need to set up their sewing space - a medium sewing box, a cute little extra storage basket, a fun iron shaped pin cushion, a handy tape measure, and a super useful multi-mat that can be used for cutting, pressing, applique and more.

Prym Love Magnetic Pin Cushion

They'll love you forever if you buy them this beautiful little pin dish - not only does it hold all their pins as they sew, it's magnetic so they can't roll away and if it gets knocked on the floor, they don't have to spend ages picking them all up!

Hemline Floral Embroidery Scissors

A fine pair of scissors with a sharp point is essential for any sewing box; they're great for snipping threads and cutting notches on seams. We adore this beautiful pair which have an ornate floral design on the handle!

Hemline Gold Accessories Tin

Honestly, what sewist does NOT love a tin to keep things in? Not only does this come in a cute sewing themed tin, it's filled with handy haberdashery too!

Bee Hive Pin Cushion

You can't wrong with a cute pin cushion! This bee hive version is cute and fun, with plenty of space to house a whole pack of pins...

Pyrm Love Ergonomic Seam Ripper

Unfortunately, a seam ripper is a staple tool that all sewists end up needing at some point - we love this Prym one because not only is it super pretty, but it's got an ergonomic design which makes it so comfortable to use.

Hemline Gold Gift Bundle

Get them a selection of good quality basics, with this gift bundle of premium haberdashery from Hemline Gold.

October 12, 2023