Feeling like you need to spring clean your stash? We've got you covered with some great ideas to keep everything organised once it's all sorted out.

How to Organise Your Sewing Space

Threads and Bobbins

Lots of us have a tendency to just chuck our threads in a drawer or box and regret it completely when we have to sift through to find the right colour! Keep them stored neatly and where you can see them easily with a storage case or hanging rack.

Grey Polka Dot Sewing Thread Case

Grey Polka Dot Thread Case

A Dog's Life Sewing Thread Case

A Dog's Life Thread Case

Grey Polka Dot Bobbin Case

Grey Polka Dot Bobbin Case

Hemline Clip-Shut Bobbin Box

Hemline Clip-Shut Foam Bobbin Box

 Sewing Spool Hanging Thread Holder

Sewing Spool Hanging Thread Holder


Use multi-tier hangers to hang up larger pieces of fabric - hang in a wardrobe if you have one or a portable rail. Great for keeping the creases out once you've washed and ironed it too!

(Photo credit: I Heart Organising )

If you have lots of cardboard lying around, make your own mini bolts! These can then be stored on a shelf for easy removal and viewing. Or ask your local fabric shop for spare bolts - we always have plenty lying around waiting to be recycled!

(Photo credit: The Girl Inspired)


Important equipment like scissors and rotary cutters can be tricky to store - either they don't fit in your sewing box or else they get stuck under everything else, or lost in a drawer somewhere! Keep your larger items in a handy craft caddy like these, which makes them easily accessible and easy to find!

Grey Polka Dot Craft Caddy Organiser

Grey Polka Dot Craft Caddy

Pink Glitter Small Craft Caddy Organiser

Pink Glitter Craft Caddy

Bits and Pieces

Addicted to snaps? Keep them all sorted and safe with the compartments in this handy storage case from Prym - it also comes with a ton of extra snaps and space for your pliers too!

Prym Colour Snaps Press Fasteners Assortment with Case

Prym Colour Snaps Press Fastener Assortment with Case

If the majority of your sewing box is full of little bits and pieces, these tiered drawer sewing boxes are ideal. With dividers in the top and drawers, you've got space to separate and organise.

Grey Polka Dot Extra Large 3 Drawer Sewing Box

Extra Large Grey Polka Dot 3-Drawer Sewing Box

Loose pins and needles seem to get everywhere so easily, so keep them all stuck in one place with a magnetic needle case. Great for swapping machine needles too - never lose your original needle!

EZ Quilting Magnetic Needle Keeper and Pin Case

EZ Quilting Magnetic Needle and Pin Case

On the Go

Project cases are the perfect way to take smaller projects with you. With straps and pockets to keep everything secure, take your hand sewing, knitting/crochet or craft projects wherever you go. Also great for classes and UFO's at home!

Grey Rose Project Case

Grey Rose Project Case

Yes it's an investment purchase, but if you regularly cart your machine or overlocker around, these trollies are a blessing in disguise! With a large padded case and collapsible trolly part, they are ideal for those lugging heavy machines.

Sewing Machine Trolley Bag

Sewing Machine Trolley Bag

Deluxe Sewing Machine Trolley Bag


April 25, 2019