Watching the new series of The Great British Sewing Bee? If you feel inspired to try some garments similar to those in the show... you've come to the right place. Here we're bringing you some pattern and fabric ideas based on this week's episode!

Sewing Bee Style 2023: Inspiration for Episode 1

Twist Top Challenge

The first challenge was an amazing twist top - whilst we don't have the exact pattern used, you can try this twist concept on the Joni Dress that's in the 'Stretch' book by Tilly Walnes (a previous contestant of the show).

Tilly and the Buttons: Stretch Patterns - It's the Joni Dress!

You could also try this twist long-line jumper - if you want to make it more appropriate for spring/autumn, use a jersey or french terry.

If the twist seems a bit too complicated for you, but you'd like to try something with a little detail or feature that's similar, why not try a tie-front or crossover top like below?

Fabrics for the twist top

Most of the contestants chose a lightweight, drapey fabric. Viscose/rayon and cotton lawn are perfect for this kind of top, as they will show off the twist without being too rigid. Here's a few picks that aren't too dissimilar to some prints chosen in the episode...


Cut-Out Dress Challenge

This was such a fun and interesting challenge! There are some really great patterns you can try, some of which are very similar to those featured in the episode...


Fabrics for cut-out dress

As in the show, you have options for your dress - always make sure to check the back of your pattern first, to see what they recommend. Be aware if you can only make it in a knit fabric or not! You could use any of the fabric suggestions for the twist top, if you like that swooshy effect on your dress.

For beginners that want a stable cut-out and/or easier sewing, a light to medium weight cotton-based fabric will work well too, like these:

Picasso Faces Dressmaking Cotton - a great lookalike for Lizzie' dress!
Ditsy Berry Dressmaking Cotton - inspired by Fauve's fabric style!
Scalloped eged embroidered dobby - inspired by Maria's amazing dress

If you liked Charlotte's silky satin version, you could also use these:


And if you loved Tony W's winning jersey dress, try one of these gorgeous viscose jerseys for your own:

Navy Artistic Floral Viscose Jersey

Turquoise Watercolour Floral Viscose Jersey

May 28, 2023