Another week, another very inspiring episode of our favourite show! This week saw the bees tackle summer-worthy garments; from chic shorts to swishy sundresses. 

Bring on the sunshine!

Sewing Bee Style Guide - Series 7, Episode 2

Pattern Challenge: Paperbag Shorts

Taking on a summer classic, the paperbag shorts, was not as easy as it seemed! These gorgeous garments feature a signature gathered ruffle effect at the top of the waist, a tie front belt and the bees also had to tackle turn-up hems too! 

We've included a mix of true paperbag style shorts, and a few similar but easier styles that those of you still building your confidence can try.

Fabric matching: to achieve the crisp ruffle along the top, you need a fabric that can hold the shape a little without being too bulky. Medium weight cottons, linens and chambrays are great!

Fabrics inspired by the challenge picks...

Made-to-Measure Challenge: Sundress

Buttons were the name of the game with this challenge, as the bees had to pick a style of sundress to make with buttons down the front. Some played it safe with just a few, while the more ambitious went for a whopping 17 buttons and buttonholes!

Fabric matching: the perfect fabric choice will depend on your pattern style, so follow the suggestions on the back. For warm weather, finer fabrics in natural fibres are best for keeping you cool - think cotton poplin, bamboo, linen/viscose mixes and rayon/viscose.

Fabrics inspired by the challenge picks...



Want to learn more about the fabrics you see on the show?

If you're new here, you may not have seen that we have made our very own fabric sample guides. They're a way to help you learn to identify different fabrics and how they feel and behave. The books include 52 samples of common fabrics, alongside useful info like composition, what to use them on and needle type required.
April 22, 2021