Sewing Bee is back for another series, and we are so happy! Each week we'll be bringing you a review of the episode plus some inspiration if you felt inspired to get sewing by the challenges in the episode...

The final, already! My how time flies when you're having fun watching other people sew... and what a challenge they picked for the final three. This was certainly one I'd never want to be doing under pressure, as they tackled Celebration week!

Sewing Bee Style - Series 6, Episode 10

Pattern Challenge

They kicked things off with a pattern matching challenge beyond all others: a traditional pleated kilt! Boy was it a tough one, to match not only the pleats but also the waistband... not one I'd fancy tackling, but this easier take on it might not be so bad!

Fabric Suggestions: a traditional kilt is obviously always made in a woven tartan. One of the most important things that came out of this episode was that choosing your tartan print was essential to how easy it was to tackle the pleats; generally a smaller repeat/print was easier to match.

If you are going to go for a traditional style kilt, don't forget your kilt pin!

Transformation Challenge

This week, the bee's were tasked to turn a swimsuit and a prom dress into a carnival-worthy outift - such fun! Big, bold and bright was the name of the game... just like this pattern (for a more at-home friendly version)!

Fabric Suggestions: anything bright, bold or heavily embellished to catch everyone's eye!

Magenta Silky Satin Fabric

Plain Chiffon Sky Fabric

Neon Tassel Trim

Pink Tassel Trim

Metallic Gold Bias Binding

Metallic Silver Bias Binding

Made to Measure Challenge

The final challenge - a red carpet-worthy gown, no pressure! What a challenge to end on, and there was some extremely impressive sewing going on. If you've always wanted to try making one, why not give it a go? Take your time and enjoy the process! (Pssst the top one is the actual pattern Nicole used on the show!)

Fabric Suggestions: As with the previous challenge, it was all about luxury - lots of lovely texture, whether that was from faux leather or sequins and feathers. 


Faux Leather Fabric

Rose Gold Sequin Fabric

Soft Rose Micro Satin Fabric

Black Silky Satin Fabric

Wine Heavy Corded Lace Fabric

Lavender Duchess Satin Fabric

Black Feather Jacquard Chiffon Fabric

Black Feather Jacquard Chiffon Fabric

June 25, 2020
Tags: sewing bee