Sewing Bee is back for another series, and we are so happy! Each week we'll be bringing you a review of the episode plus some inspiration if you felt inspired to get sewing by the challenges in the episode...

This week they took things down a size with kids week! They covered a range of different techniques and made some gorgeous outfits for their mini-me's in each challenge - if you were inspired to sew your own kidswear, take a look at our recommendations this week!

Sewing Bee Style - Series 6, Episode 3

Pattern Challenge

The challenge got significantly harder this week, with the Bee's tackling decorative smocking AND perfect peter pan collars to make a smock dress!

If you want to try it at home, give it a go with this Simplicity pattern for a classic dress...

Fabric suggestions: the best smocked dresses were made in stable woven fabrics like cottons and cotton mixes. It's easy to gather and still holds the shape, but doesn't move around when you're adding the decorative stitching.

Inspired by the Bee's fabric choices...


Lewis & Irene Village Pond - Spring Blossoms 100% Cotton Fabric

Makoti by Stuart Hillard - Blue Stardust 100% Cotton Fabric

Riley Blake Fossil Rim 2 - Tiny Dino 100% Cotton Fabric

Riley Blake Flutter and Shine - Berries Pink 100% Cotton Fabric

Liberty Flower Show Spring - Forget Me Not 100% Cotton Fabric

Windham Fabrics Pink Lemonade - Floral Lemon 100% Cotton Fabric

Free Spirit Morris & Co - Strawberry Thief 100% Cotton Fabric

Transformation Challenge

We won't lie to you, this was one of the most odd but most fun challenges yet! We have absolutely no fun food costume patterns, but if you want to get creative like the bees, why not accessorize what you have at home with some felt to transform into your own costume? The sushi and grape outfits were fab!

Made-to-Measure Challenge

We were SO hoping to find a cute pair of mini dungarees appear this series, and we weren't disappointed this week!

There were so many adorable versions made by the Bee's - here's a few pattern ideas if you wanna make your own too...

(And for those wanting to make an adult version...)

Fabric suggestions: most of the Bee's chose to use corduroy, needlecord or denim to make their dungarees. Something with a bit of structure and weight is needed, although lighter weight dungarees for spring/summer can also be made in fabrics like chambray or jersey for easy wearing. Just make sure you're using a knit pattern if you use jersey/knit fabric!

Inspired by the Bee's fabric choices...

Plain French Navy Corduroy Fabric

Riley Blake Deep Blue Sea - Anchors Navy 100% Cotton Fabric

Mustard Stretch Needlecord Fabric

Indigo 7.5oz Medium Weight Denim Fabric

Jade Stretch Needlecord Fabric

Glow in the Dark Spaceman Jersey Fabric

Red Needlecord Fabric

Dungaree Essentials

You can't have dungarees without a fastening for the straps! These simple but hardwearing buckles are great for all dungaree and pinafore style projects - I've used them on my Cleo pinafore dress, and they're very easy to apply!


You can also add extra buttons like many of the contestants with matching jean buttons!

If the thought of buckles scares you, or you want to make dungees for a very little one, snaps make a great alternative to buckles for the strap fastenings. All you need is a pair of snap pliers and your snaps, and you're away! 

Prym Love Pink Vario Pliers for Press Fasteners Tool Set

Watch Amy's video on how to apply...



May 07, 2020
Tags: sewing bee