Sewing Bee is back for another series, and we are so happy! Each week we'll be bringing you a review of the episode plus some inspiration if you felt inspired to get sewing by the challenges in the episode...

Things went round the world this week with international week! Garments inspired by traditional shapes and styles from countries like the Philippines, France and Spain... oh it was a good one!

Sewing Bee Style - Series 6, Episode 8

Pattern Challenge

This was an interesting challenge, where the bee's had to tackle making a button-back Terno blouse with structured "puff" style sleeves. The shapes they created were stunning and actually quite on-trend too - we've pulled together a few similar (but not quite so dramatic) versions you might add to your every day wardrobe...

Fabric suggestions: structured fabrics that hold their shape were what was needed for this top, to hold the shape of the sleeves. Some used tulle in the sleeves to help give extra body.

Duck Egg Glitter Tulle Fabric

Soft Veiling Tulle Fabric

Navy Floral Cotton Poplin Fabric

Ditsy Floral Blue Cotton Poplin Fabric

Ditsy Floral Red Cotton Poplin Fabric

Summer Floral Cotton Poplin Fabric

Poppy Cotton Poplin Fabric

Dashwood Ace Cotton Lawn Fabric

Lisa Comfort Busy Blossom Cotton Lawn Fabric

Habby Essentials


Most of the contestants chose to make their own bias binding for the necklines of their top. If you want to have a go at it, it's really simple - especially with these handy gadgets!

One of the other key components of this top were the beautiful self-covered matching buttons down the back. If you've never tried making them, give it a go - they really add that professional touch and are not difficult to do (when you're not rushing to do it in 10 mins for a challenge!) with the buttons and tool.

15mm Metal Self Cover Button

Hemline Self-Cover Button Maker Tool

Transformation Challenge

This week's transformation was much more free with the bee's able to choose any garment of their choice, AND having a much larger amount of fabric to work with being given a choice of gorgeous French style tablecloths. There were some great little outfits created, including gorgeous dramatic sleeves and the sweetest little dress and apron... make something similar with the patterns below!

Made to Measure Challenge

Things got fun and flouncy with a flamenco inspired made to measure challenge this week! It was all about ruffles and flounces, with fitted shapes around the hips and gorgeous flaring down to the ankles. 

Get that spanish feel with these wearable patterns...



Fabric Suggestions: skirts were made from all different fabrics from scuba types to drapey viscose and tousley taffeta! You'll want something that can either hold the ruffled shape of a flounce or has enough drape to create it's own flounce.

Powder Blue Scuba Crepe Fabric

Rose Pink Scuba Crepe Fabric

Fans Navy Printed Scuba Crepe Fabric

Tribal Diamonds Printed Viscose Fabric

Ditsy Leaf Red Viscose Fabric

Black Taffeta Fabric

Leopard Print Cerise Viscose Fabric

Stof of Denmark Blossom Red Viscose Jersey Fabric

June 11, 2020
Tags: sewing bee