Not sure what to get a keen dressmaker for Christmas? Or want to start on your own me-made wardrobe adventure? We asked lovely DIY dressmaker, blogger and Instagrammer Carrie, what she recommended for dressmakers...

Must-haves for Dressmakers

Fabric Clips

 Purple Mini Fabric Clips 10pk

Clips are a great alternative to pins, especially on more tricky fabrics - they're also so quick and easy to use.

Rotary Cutter

 Fiskars 45mm Geometric Rotary Cutter

Scissors can be used for cutting out, but switch to a rotary cutter and you won't regret the clean and even cutting you get with your patterns!

Pinking Shears

Mini Pinking Shear Scissors 

These are often an investment piece of kit as they aren't cheap, however they make a quick job of clipping curved seams to take out the bulk!

Prym Snap Pliers and Snaps

 Prym Love Vario Pliers for Press Fasteners Tool Set

Prym Plastic Colour Snaps Press Fasteners - Round Blue Mix

I love these two - they are a super fun way to inject colour and interest into a garment, without too much effort.

Vanishing Fabric Marker

 Hemline Vanishing Fabric Marker

An essential for your sewing kit - I couldn't be without one!


Carrie's Christmas Wishlist

We asked Carrie what was on her list to santa this year - check it out, and see if it matches yours!

 Fiskars 45mm Flower Rotary Cutter

Fiskars 45mm Floral Rotary Cutter

 Fiskars 21cm Inspiration Geometric General Purpose Scissors

Fiskars 21cm Geometric Scissors

Wooden Ruler Rack 

Wooden Ruler Rack

 Bee Hive Pin cushion

Beehive Pin Cushion

 Cloud Craft Yellow Stork Embroidery Scissors

Yellow Stork Embroidery Scissors

Tilly & The Buttons - Etta Pattern 

Tilly and the Buttons Etta Pattern

 Pink Coat Club Pin Badge - Me-Made White

Me-Made Pink Coat Club Badge

 Pink Coat Club Pin Badge - Seamstress Baby Pink

Seamstress Pink Coat Club Badge

November 22, 2018