Sew Easy Quilted Ironing Mat


Make pressing your seams the easiest part of your sewing with this super handy ironing mat! We love how simple, quick and easy it makes pressing - because there's nothing worse than constantly having to lug the ironing board out and run back and forth between the board and your machine.

This heatproof quilted and padded mat can be placed on any tabletop or hard surface and used as a substitute for your ironing board. The padding provides protection for both the work surface and your work. Even better, you can take it with you if you need too as it rolls ups easily!

  • Brand: Sew Easy
  • Press/iron on any surface
  • Instant ironing board without the fuss 
  • Heat-resistant
  • Flexible - fold or roll up
  • Quilted and padded for extra protection
  • Size: approx 60 x 55cm (23.6 x 21.7in)