Fiskars 45mm Blade Trigger Rotary Cutter


Once you start using a rotary cutter, you'll wonder why you ever used scissors all this time... 

Fiskars is one of the most well-loved cutting tool brands, and are famous for their exceptional quality. These sharp tools offer precise and quality cutting of all materials. Cut freehand or using a ruler to achieve your desired shape. 

This trigger-action cutter is ideal for those who struggle with putting pressure on their wrist or hand, as the simple squeezing action can be used instead of pressing down. It's also safer as the blade retracts when the trigger is decompressed. Blade can be positioned either side for right or left handed use.

  • Made by Fiskars
  • 45mm blade
  • Trigger action helps relieve pressure on wrists and hands
  • Blade retracts when trigger is decompressed
  • For left or right handed use