The new year is here and my hasn't 2018 just flown by? So many projects we never got round to tackling... if you feel like 2019 is the year you get your sew-jo on, pick any one of these ten rather sensible sewing resolutions to stick to and come December, you'll be amazed what you've achieved! The trick is to only pick a few... we all dream of being a superstar seamstress in 1 month but the best way is to pick a few small goals and work towards these before you burn yourself out with ambition!

10 Sensible Sewing Resolutions for 2019

  1. If you struggle to even find the time to sit down and indulge in any sewing, commit a set number of hours or projects towards your hobby - for example, one project a month or 2 hours a week.
  2. For those that struggle to remember what they own and seem to spend a fortune on new fabrics constantly but never deplete their stash - commit to only stash busting projects this year, except for the essentials! You'll be amazed at what you can come up with and how your creativity grows.
  3. Similarly, get more economical and resolve not to buy anything this year that you could actually make yourself - and you'll probably find yourself a proud sewer come December when you look round the house and see everything you've made, from tea towels to cushions, even school/work trousers!
  4. Work on building one skill/technique per month and only focus on honing these specific skills in the projects you do that month - for example, inserting zips in January, sewing with patterns in February. It can be frustrating at times, but as with all things, practice is key, and this ensures plenty of that! Once you've got the hang of it, you'll be mastering other skills in no time. 
  5. Make a sewing space if you plan, or do, sew regularly. No matter how small, it will really make a difference to have a space that feels like your own creative bubble and that you don't feel like you have to constantly pack away instead of come back and play. Whether it's a bit of desk or a whole room, indulge yourself in the luxury of leaving as is!
  6. A classic, but classic for a reason... this year don't buy any gifts for friends and family, but resolve to make all your gifts! It's a great way to use up your stash and means they get a really thoughtful and unique present too.
  7. Get organised in your sewing life. When you don't have much time to get down to sewing, it's important to plan as much as you can to make the most of those precious hours in front of your machine. Use a project planner to help you plan what you want to make, what you'll need and how long you think it will take you so you can buy, cut and make time to sew all in good time.
  8. Struggling to find inspiration for what to make with your stash all the time? Do something good and start using your sewing skills for charity - you won't regret it, and they will certainly appreciate it! Whether you make items to sell and donate the profits to charity or help charities that need things such as clothing and quilts made up, there's a cause that fits for every sewer.
  9. Treat yourself to an equipment upgrade instead of more fabric! Sometimes we put off upgrading our equipment until something breaks, when really we'd benefit from simply investing in something good before that happens. It's amazing the difference a decent pair of scissors or sharp pins can have, and it doesn't have to cost the earth - small upgrades like these make a difference as much as an expensive new machine!
  10. Get sewcial. We all love to talk about and share our makes, but also our sewing troubles, with others who love it too, so get social about your sewing! Share you pictures with us on social media or emails, find sewing groups on Facebook and in your local area, and enjoy your hobby together. We recommend joining the Sewing in the UK Facebook group for a super supportive and helpful community of sewers that will help solve any problem and are always up for a laugh!
January 02, 2018