Looking for something special to make Mum for Mother's Day? Have a go at this stylish but simple infinity scarf, made using our latest Makower collection, Katie Jane! You can use two different print fabrics for a reversible design, or the same both sides - just make sure you have 1 metre in total of fabric to use. Mum loves hers!

Project by Amy Gilbert. 

How to Sew a Katie Jane Infinity Scarf



How to Make

1. Start by cutting both half metres of your prints in half (lengthways) so you are left with two long strips of fabric  measuring 25cm x width of fabric. Then trim 20cm off the bottom of both strips to make them shorter. Save the scraps for applique on another project!

    2. Line up the selvedge’s of two strips of the bouquet pattern, pin right sides together and stitch a straight line across leaving roughly a 1cm seam allowance (enough so you cant see the white selvedge).

    3. Trim the seam excess and press flat.

    4. Repeat for your two rose patterned strips. You will now have two long strips of fabric with a join in each, one in a large print pattern, one in a ditsy pattern.

    5. Next, you need to pin the two different patterned strips together, right sides together. Pin from the middle seam out, pinning the top line first, from the middle to the left, easing the edges to line up with each other.
    Sew with roughly a 0.5cm seam allowance, making sure you catch the edges of the fabric both sides. Sew from the middle out to the edge to make sure the fabrics sit flush and ease out any tension as you go.

    6. Turn the strip you have sewn over and pin from the middle out on the same edge, but on the opposite side, working from the middle out to the right hand side on the same seam edge. Start sewing about 5cm over the end of the seam you have already sewn to reinforce the seam, and carry on down the pinned section. You should now have one long side sewn together.

    7. Repeat step 5 and 6 for the other long edge.

    8. Turn right sides out and press flat.

    9. At one end, fold the edges of the fabric under itself by about 1cm to create a hem, pressing to keep in place.

    10. Tuck the other open end inside the pressed hem opening you have created, like a mouth eating a hotdog! Let it sit flat and pin the two tubes from the top down to the bottom, through front and back layers of the tube. Sew a neat line down the join, a few milimetres in from the end. Try to make it as neat as possible as this stitching will be seen!

    11. Trim any visible threads to neaten and voila! To wear, pop over your head with the visible seam you stitched last at the back of your neck, then twist the scarf in the middle to create a second loop, and pop the second loop over your head too, so you have a doubled up scarf. Fluff up as desired!

      diy floral infinity scarf pattern

      If you want it longer or shorter, simply adjust the length in step 1 by cutting the long lengths to your desire length! 

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      February 21, 2018