Looking for a quick and easy project to make for Mother's Day? Grab some leftover fabric - we used this gorgeous Liberty print - and a simple notebook to create something pretty and useful in less than half an hour!

Project by Amy Gilbert.

How to Make a Liberty Fabric Covered Notebook


You Will Need

  • A notebook
  • 1 fat quarter of Liberty fabric - I used Mamie Blue & Purple
  • Double sided Tape
  • Co-ordinating paper or card


How to Make

1. Start by unfolding your fat quarter and ironing out any lines. This is important as it will ensure you won't see any creases in your finished notebook!

2. Lay out your fat quarter, right side down, and lay your notebook on top. Open the notebook, and draw around the edges with roughly a 3cm seam allowance using a fabric marker.

3. Cut out using sharp fabric scissors.

4. Lay your fabric out again as per step 2 and position your notebook centrally. Then close the notebook and apply strips of double sided tape to the front cover, on the top, bottom and sides. 

5. Remove the backing from the tape and gently open out the notebook cover again to lay it flat on the fabric, gently pushing down to fix it the fabric. Lift up the notebook to check it is sitting taught; if it's not, simply peel off a bit and re-stick down! 

6. Now you need to fold the edges over on the inside cover. You will have to cut the fabric where it meets the spine, all the way into the seam allowance. Then, apply double sided tape as you did on the front outside cover, and fold the top and bottom seam allowances over inside the cover, pulling the fabric taught and sticking down.

7. For the long edge, neaten the corners by folding them in diagonally to create a half triangle shape, then stick down the whole length, adding a little extra tape under the corners if necessary. 

8. Turn the notebook over and apply a strip of tape onto the outside of the spine. Pull the fabric taught over it and stick down.

8. Snip another little cut in the fabric where the spine meets the back cover. Trim these thin sections you have created down to about 8mm, apply a little bit of tape on the inside spine, and stick down so the fabric tucks just under the paper edge.

9. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for the back cover. 

10. Finish off the inside covers by trimming co-ordinating coloured card just slightly smaller than the inside covers and stick down with more double sided tape, to hide the raw edges of the fabric. 

Et voila! You have a pretty, Liberty-covered notebook. For an extra special touch, why not stamp a name or fun phrase on the front, using ink on some plain calico or cotton, and adhere with some fabric glue?

March 05, 2018