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Easter isn't far away and we've been *cracking* on with a few projects, including this adorable little hen to house your Easter egg (or a pot plant if you're being healthy). Get the pattern for only 99p and follow the instructions to make your own!

Project & pattern by Angela Gilbert.

How to Make a Hen Easter Egg Holder


Materials Required 


How to Make

Cut out 2 main body shapes for the main body lining.

Cut out 2 interlining and 2 wadding in the main body shape

Divide the main body pattern piece into three sections and cut out 2 of each section in the required pattern – don’t forget to add seam allowance to the straight lines of each piece.

Cut out 2 pattern pieces for the base, plus 2 interlining and 2 wadding.

Cut out the 4 pieces of the head in white/cream.

Cut out 2 pieces of the beak in yellow.

Cut out other pattern pieces - headpiece and bib - in red, 2 pieces of each.

Sew the three pattern pieces for the main right side body along the straight lines and press seams.

Attach the interlining and the wadding to the wrong side of each of the lining pieces of the main body.

Attach a head piece to both the lining and main body of each piece (4 pieces).

With right sides together, attach the whole of the body and head together with the lining body and head, and sew around the whole thing, leaving a small gap at the bottom to turn out. When finished turn out and press, then hand sew up the gap.

For the base, attach the interlining and wadding to one of the base shapes, then right sides together, sew around the base leaving a small gap. Turn out, press, and hand sew up the gap.

Make the beak from the yellow fabric - sew right sides together, leaving the base open and turn out and stuff with a little of the wadding. Sew across the base to secure. 

Make the headpiece and bib in red by sewing right sides together of each, leaving the base open, turn out and stuff with the wadding, and sew across the base of each to secure again.

Pin together both the body shapes with the lining sides inside. Insert the headpiece on the top and bib on the body and beak on the head. Sew around the head to the base and then the tail to the base.

Insert the base into the bottom of the chick and pin in place and then hand stich around the whole base.

Insert your egg into the middle and try and keep it for Easter!

March 15, 2018 by Amy Gilbert

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