Well, it's been an exciting week all round here at My Sewing Box! We've got ourselves a new embroidery machine, got people enthusiastic about sewing club, and today has been even more eventful as our new dress fabrics and books have arrived!


Keep an eye out for them appearing on the website over the next week, you don't want to miss them! 

Our wonderful new selection of dress fabrics are all ex London Design House, which means they are fab for making super on-trend clothes that you could see hanging in high street shops. They are also of amazing quality - I can't stop stroking them, they all feel so nice!

However, because these fabrics are ex-designer, we only have limited stock of each type of fabric, with no guarantee that we can get them in again... so get your orders in quick when they appear, because they might not be around for long!

Fabrics include beautiful shot taffeta in a range of jewelled tones, stunning linen-look jersey and some wonderfully wintry ponta romana fabric which is great for warmer dresses and skirts.



And as if that weren't enough, we also have a fab new array of books in - lots on quilting for beginners and quilting projects for anyone that wants to have a go at this new craze! Other highlights include some fab books that also include a number of patterns with them. A particular favourite of mine is the Colette book, which features some b-e-a-u-tiful clothes patterns as well as a ton of tips and tricks to help with you with things like fit, finish and adjusting patterns!




Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements, we'll be letting you know when they go live on the site!

Until then, happy sewing everyone! 

October 09, 2014
Tags: news products