Know someone who's always cold? These are the perfect little project for the eternally freezing, and make a great little gift for Christmas too! Simply microwave for a minute to warm them up. A fat quarter will make quite a few of these!

Christmas Mitten Handwarmers Sewing Project

You Will Need

Seam allowance: 10mm

How to Make

  1. Print and cut out the mittens template. Pin to your fabric and cut 4 mittens.
  2. Place two mitten pieces right sides together, and stitch from the bottom straight edge all the way round until you meet the other end of the straight edge.
  3. Clip the curves and trim the seam allowances where you have stitched.
  4. Turn right sides out, then press under the seam allowance of the straight edge.
  5. Fill with rice, leaving a centimetre of space at the top for the rice to move around.
  6. Ladder stitch the straight edge shut by hand, or top stitch with your machine if you can. Repeat for the other mitten.

To use, microwave for a minute to heat up then pop in your pocket to keep your hands warm!

November 25, 2019
Tags: Christmas