If you love scandi styling when it comes to Christmas, have a crack at these super simple hanging advent houses. They can be hung up anywhere you like, from the tree to the fireplace - just fill with yummy goodies!

DIY Mini Scandi Advent Houses Project

You Will Need:


  1. Start by cutting out your squares of Makower fabric. This fabric is already pre-printed with the perfect sized squares, simply add a 1cm seam allowance around each edge to maximise the design. If you're using regular Christmas fabric, cut yourself a square around 7-8cm square (including seam allowance). You can make these as big or small as you like if you're using Christmas fabric but bear in mind that the smaller they are, the more fiddly they are to turn out!

  2. Place your square onto your linen fabric and line it up with at least one edge on the bottom and/or sides. Using this as a template, draw a triangle on top from each of the top corners upwards, creating a house shape. Cut this out. Use this as a template to cut more - you will need two per house, so 48 in total for 24 houses.

  3. Press under the top edges of each of your square designs, along the top edge of the coloured square. Stitch across the top with about 3mm seam allowance in a co-ordinating colour (we used a mix of red and grey thread depending on the design).

  4. Now it's time to add your numbers! Lay your square onto the house front, lining the top of the square up to where the roof triangle starts - you will need to trim the bottom of the linen here to fit, on both pieces. Use a pencil to lightly trace out your number in the centre (don't forget you will have seam allowances for the roof too).

  5. Use your embroidery thread to stitch on the numbers - basic long stitches are fine!

  6. Layer up your house - start with the house front with it's number on the bottom, facing up. Add the hemmed square design on top, lining it up. Cut a length of satin ribbon approx 10cm long, fold in half and place the cut ends on the point of the roof with the loop hanging down into the house - tack in place if necessary. Finally, lay the linen house back on top and pin everything in place.

  7. Stitch on your machine starting 3/4 of the way down one of the roof sides, and using a 10mm seam allowance all the way round. Stop stitching when you get back round to where you started, leaving a gap of at least 4cm for turning out. Don't forget to back stitch at the start and end!

  8. Trim your seam allowance and clip curves. Turn inside out, push out the points and press press press! Press the seam allowances of the gap under.

  9. Hand stitch the gap closed using ladder stitch. 

September 08, 2019
Tags: Christmas