So you've stitched up a beautiful garment that's almost ready to go, all it needs is the perfect button... but how do you choose from the minefield of what's on offer? This week we're talking about how to pick buttons that will turn your project from 'nice' to wow-worthy in just the stitch of a button!

How to Choose the Right Button for Your Project


Size is probably the most important of all the factors you need to consider! If you're using a pattern it will likely give you a suggestion of the size you need, but you can deviate from this slightly if you want to. Think about where the buttons are going and the spacing - you want to create a nice even spacing all around the button to keep it pleasing to the eye. Too big and it will look like you squeezed them in, too small and you will start to lose them.


Another obvious one, however remember that you don't have to match to the colour of your fabric! To mix things up you can choose a different shade in the same tone, a complimentary but contrasting colour, or if in doubt then opt for natural shades/textures like metals and wood tones. If you have a patterned fabric, it often looks more pleasing to pick a button in a colour that matches one of the secondary colours in the print rather than the main background colour.


This is perhaps the other most important factor to think about when choosing your button. Does the button need to go through a buttonhole, and how secure does it need to be? If the answer is yes, you are best sticking to more conventional shapes that will easily pass through the buttonhole and stay firm when buttoned up. Lighter fabrics fare better with less conventional shapes too. If you are looking for more of a decorative finish, you can go for more unusual shapes easily without worrying about how the button will function.


Do you want shanked or sew-through holes? Bear in mind that sew-through buttons you will see the thread, and they offer a less 3D effect. Also think about how thick your material is as this may affect what you decided to go for - thicker fabrics often work better with shanked buttons because it gives you a lot more space underneath the button for the fabric to sit. 


Lastly, think about if you want to add interest with texture or different effects. For example, if you have a plain coloured coat you can add more interest without it looking overly fussy, by picking a pretty decorative metal button over just a plain button in the same colour. Playing with texture helps keep things fun, but if you already have a busy print then pare things down with a less busy button design!

All in all, it can take a bit of experimentation to find the right button but if you follow the above as a general rule of thumb, you should find it easier to choose! 

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July 18, 2019