Add a little festivity to your Christmas table with some cheerful cutlery holders, to keep those knives and forks in line! These also make a beautiful gift too - why not make a set alongside our bauble placemat project for a lovely festive present?

How to Make a Christmas Cutlery Holder


You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Cut two pieces of fabric sized Xxcm x Xxcm from one fat quarter of your fabric. 
  2. Cut another piece size XX x XX from your other fat quarter. 
  3. Using the smaller piece you have cut, fold over the short edge at the top by about 1cm and stitch in place. Repeat and stitch in place again, to create a neat hem along this top edge. This will form the pocket of your holder.

  4. Pin your pieces of ric rac in place on the front of the pocket and stitch to attach.

  5. Cut your interfacing to the same size as your two remaining pieces of fabric, and iron one onto the wrong side of each piece.

  6. Layer your pieces; first a large piece right side facing up; then your pocket right side up, with bottom corners matching; then finally add your last piece right side down, so you have made a sandwich with the interfacing facing out. Pin in place. 
  7. Use a 1cm seam allowance to stitch your layers together, leaving at least a 5cm gap at the top to turn out. Trim your seam allowance down by half, clip the corners and turn right way out. 

  8. Give it a good press, and press the seam allowance of the gap under in the process. 
  9. Top stitch all around the visible edge of the backing piece, starting from the top of the pocket - this will secure together the gap you used to turn out. 

November 24, 2018
Tags: Christmas