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November is here, which means we are well into Christmas sewing mode now! To kick things off, we had a go at making our own version of a stuffed Christmas tree using fat quarters - we love how this looks, and we managed it using just two fat quarters from a pack of 4! 

How to Make Fat Quarter Stuffed Christmas Trees

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Print off the template and cut out. Cut out two tree shapes from each fat quarter, by folding the fabric and placing the long straight edge on the fold, then cutting out. If your fat quarters are small, you will need to check your placement before you cut or they might not fit! I placed one each in diagonal corners. Also be aware if you have a directional print like I did, that you don't end up with one being upside down! If you struggle to do this on the fold, print two of the template and stick together along the middle line.
  2. Pin together 2 trees of different designs, right sides together. Mark out a 10cm stretch at the bottom with two pins - this will be your gap for turning out when you sew.

  3. Stitch around the tree using a 1cm seam allowance, and don't forget to stop and start at your gap markings! To get crisp points, leave the needle down as you get to the point, stop sewing, raise the presser foot, and turn your fabric to the new angle, drop the presser foot, and continue sewing.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for your other two tree pieces.
  5. Clip the points and notch the inside corners of both your sewn pieces. Carefully trim down the seam allowance by the points to help achieve a crisp point.

  6. Turn both trees right sides out, and push out the corners using a knitting pin or skewer. Press each tree to remove any wrinkling, and press inwards the seam allowances of the gaps. 
  7. Place one tree on top of the other, aligning the top points and sides. Stitch down the middle from top to bottom.

  8. Stuff each section using the gaps at the bottom. You may need to utilise your knitting pin again here! If you struggle to get the stuffing to stay in the ends of the points, push them in with your knitting pin and hold in place, as you add more stuffing to support behind the point. This should keep it all in place! I would recommend starting at the top of each section and working down all four at the same time, instead of stuffing each quarter separately.
  9. Use ladder stitch to sew up the gaps at the bottom of each section. 

These trees are so easy to make and look fab all lined up on your mantelpiece or table - why not make a few to match?

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November 01, 2018 by Amy Gilbert
Tags: Christmas


Sharron Camp

Sharron Camp said:

Made lots of these last year to give to family & friends.
Really are easy to make even if you don’t have a lot of sewing experience.

Jayne Lewis

Jayne Lewis said:

Thank you for the free Christmas Tree Pattern

Linda Jenkins

Linda Jenkins said:

I am so very happy to find this pattern again. I made this tree from a print cut out many years ago. I am an not want to show my granddaughters how to make them from a pattern. Thank You. This will be a fun Christmas. Bless You!,!,

Jenna H

Jenna H said:

I used this pattern to teach my parents how to sew on a machine. Turned out great- perfect for even complete beginners!

Maria Brooks

Maria Brooks said:

Thank you so much for the darling pattern and instructions. I really appreciate it!

Debbie S

Debbie S said:

Thanks for the great pattern.

ada M Ramirez

ada M Ramirez said:

I’am try to make that project (trees)

Nancy Gin

Nancy Gin said:

Would love to make this and give but can not print out PDF pattern. Is there another way to get this?



Thank you for this I used 6 tree cut outs by accident and it worked perfectly too x

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