We're all trying to do our bit to help the environment in our daily lives, but there's more we can do in our sewing rooms too to help reduce waste and recycle. Take a look at our tips below!

How to Make Your Sewing More Eco-Friendly 

Sustainable Products

Choosing items made from sustainably sourced materials is a great first port of call. We've just brought in two new waddings which are more sustainably sourced to help you make better choices about what you sew with. 

Bamboo materials

Bamboo is a fantastic material - it's easy to grow and sustainable to produce, plus it's naturally anti-bacterial too! It also happens to make for the softest wadding you've ever touched... which is why we love this 100% bamboo wadding so much!

Recycled materials

There are more and more recycled materials coming onto the market now, giving us more options about what we choose to sew with. We love this new eco-friendly recycled wadding, made from 70% recycled cotton and 30% recycled polyester - re-using all that waste that would otherwise go to landfill!

Organic Fabrics

All our organic fabrics are made to global organic textile standards, the gold standard for sustainable processing of textiles made from organically grown fibres. Not only do they ensure that no nasty chemicals are used in the processing, but they also consider the environmental management and social responsibility of producers, to ensure the whole supply chain is certified organic from farmer to manufacturer.

Organic Plain Melange Interlock Jersey - Raspberry

Organic Cotton Plain Melange Interlock Jersey - Raspberry 

Organic Plain Melange Tubular Ribbing - Bubblegum

Organic Plain Melange Tubular Ribbing - Bubblegum Pink

Organic Printed Cotton Jersey - Floral Cats

Organic Printed Cotton Jersey - Floral Cats

Cotton Spandex Jersey By Stuart Hillard - Kimono Flower Wave

Organic Cotton Spandex Jersey - Kimono Wave

Organic Printed Cotton Jersey - Safari Mustard

Organic Printed Cotton Jersey - Safari Mustard

Save those scraps!

Don't forget to save your scraps for other projects - even the really tiny ones can be used for stuffing!

Learn to love upcycling 

Upcycling fabric from other things like old garments, bed sheets and towels is a great way to reduce waste and re-use materials. If you're not sure how, why not come along to one of our Open Dressmaking/Sewing sessions and we can have a go at refashioning something together!

Responsible use of cotton

There's been a lot of talk about whether we should be using cotton or how to use/buy it sustainably. We don't think you need to boycott using cotton fabric as it's a great fibre to work with, however you want to make sure that your projects are long-lasting and that you aren't just hoarding! 

June 11, 2019