The final was, as always, full of tricky techniques and difficult fabrics that put the bees to the test this week! With lots of gorgeous occasion wear, we're ready for when events can open up again now...

Sewing Bee Style Guide - Series 7, Episode 10

Pattern Challenge

Is there anything cuter than a little bridesmaids dress? The bees took them on in stunning style this week, working with slippery silks and satins, as well as attempting their first bound buttonholes. Quite the challenge! 

Don't let that put you off though... there's some really cute styles out there worth the time and effort!

Simplicity 1507

Simplicity S9117

New Look 6359

New Look 6548

Simplicity S9246

Simplicity S9245


Fabric inspiration

Emerald Taffeta Fabric

Sapphire Taffeta Fabric

Ivory Satin Back Crepe Fabric

Soft Rose Micro Satin Fabric

Light Grey Micro Satin Fabric

Lavender Duchess Satin Fabric

Made to Measure Challenge

The bees couldn't have come up with more different dresses to each other on this one, but each was as amazing as the last! From stretchy scuba to glitzy metallic fabric, to dramatic tulle ruffles, each fabric really enhanced the shape of the dress in its own way!

Simplicity 1427

New Look 6507

New Look N6615

Simplicity S8870

Simplicity S8876

Simplicity 8599


Fabric inspiration


Gold Metallic Silky Satin Fabric

Rose Gold Metallic Silky Satin Fabric

White Glitter Tulle Fabric

Pink Glitter Tulle Fabric

Navy Plain Scuba Crepe Fabric​

Art Gallery Earthen by Katarina Roccella - Serein Branchlet - Jersey Knit Fabric

Want to learn more about fabrics you see on the show?

If you're new here, you may not have seen that we have made our very own fabric sample guides. They're a way to help you learn to identify different fabrics and how they feel and behave. The books include 52 samples of common fabrics, alongside useful info like composition, what to use them on and needle type required.
June 16, 2021