It was another blast from the past this week, as the bee's went back to the 1940's! With a range of silhouettes for both men and women to tackle, the contestants did so well, tackling some really tricky techniques...

Sewing Bee Style Guide - Series 7, Episode 9

Pattern Challenge

First up, it was all about making 'Oxford bags'. If like me, you don't have a clue, these are trousers made famous by Oxford students and northern soul movement, which had plenty of extra room in the legs for movement. 
Fancy trying your first pair of men's trousers? Here's a few more modern styles...



Simplicity S9043

Simplicity 4760

Fabric inspiration

Khaki Stretch Twill Fabric


Natural Grey Linen Mix Fabric

Makower Spraytime - Conker Brown V62 - 100% Cotton Fabric

Makower Spectrum - Christmas Red R64 - 100% Cotton Fabric

Serena got so precise so as to measure her hems this week! If you want to get that perfect hem, you can use this handy tool to help you turn up super accurately - great for dresses with long hems to do!

Hemline Sewing Gauge and Point Turner

They may be small but they're pretty essential... don't forget your hook and bar if you're finishing off your trousers, for a secure closure and no embarassing moments!

Hemline Small Hook and Bar Pack - Silver

Made to Measure Challenge


This challenge took on a true icon - Dior style. Briefed on the iconic 'New Look' post-war collection, it focused on cinched waists and hourglass silhouettes - something all the bees did really well, across various types of garments from dresses to skirts, jackets to trousers!

Simplicity 8462

Simplicity S9105

Simplicity 8731

Simplicity S8876

Simplicity 8604

Simplicity S8890

Simplicity 8445

New Look N6633

Fabric inspiration


Powder Blue Plain Scuba Crepe Fabric

Rose Pink Plain Scuba Crepe Fabric

Riley Blake Fleur - Meadow Dark Blue - 100% Cotton Fabric

Makower Essentials - Doodle Ditzy White on White - 100% Cotton Fabric

Black Stretch Twill Fabric

Red Plain Linen Mix Fabric



Want to learn more about fabrics you see on the show?

If you're new here, you may not have seen that we have made our very own fabric sample guides. They're a way to help you learn to identify different fabrics and how they feel and behave. The books include 52 samples of common fabrics, alongside useful info like composition, what to use them on and needle type required.
June 10, 2021