This week the Bee goes green, with a focus on recycling and sustainable sewing - a REAL challenge for many of us! All the garments were made from donated clothing this week so we thought we'd use this space to talk to you about more sustainable fabric choices as well as pattern inspiration from the show...

Sewing Bee Style Guide - Series 7, Episode 6

Pattern Challenge

The first challenge was to make a gentleman's waistcoat using some donated garments. This was a gentle introduction as the waistcoat didn't have TOO many large pieces to account for in construction when trying to find a bit of clothing that could fit the whole pattern piece on! It was a lovely classic style, and the bees made some really chic waistcoats in the end.

Simplicity 1506

Simplicity 4762

Simplicity 8023





Made to Measure Challenge

This may have been the hardest challenge yet - to use old jeans to make a denim dress! There were some really inventive takes on this, some of which you'd never have even guessed were made from old jeans... Here's some styles similar to those made in this episode:

New Look 6500

New Look 6263

New Look 6572

New Look 6567

New Look 6429


New Look 6372

New Look 6262

New Look N6666

Sustainable Sewing Supplies

If you're looking to make your sewing a little more planet-friendly, there are lots of small ways you can make your choices a bit more environmentally friendly. 

Re-using fabric is the most green choice, but if that's not possible for your project, you can also opt for fabrics made from sustainable fibres. These fabrics typically take less strain on the ecosystem by not using harsh chemical processes and/or using less water to grow the plants they are made from. 

Bamboo and Modal are some of the most popular sustainable fibres becoming available now in fabric now, and also have a gloriously soft feel that is a dream to wear!

Raspberry Plain Modal Jersey Fabric

Dark Mint Plain Modal Jersey Fabric

Navy Plain Modal Jersey Fabric

Ochre Plain Modal Jersey Fabric

Orange Plain Modal Jersey Fabric

Khaki Modal Bamboo Twill Fabric

Navy Ditsy Floral Printed Modal Jersey Fabric

White Bamboo Towelling Fabric

Cream Bamboo Towelling Fabric

Sew Simple Super-Soft 100% Bamboo Wadding

Another green choice is to use materials made from recycled fibres themselves - there are several options available that use recycled polyester from things like single use water bottles, and some recycled cottons are also on the market. 


Sew Simple Super-Soft EcoBlend Recycled 70/30 Wadding

Gutermann Recycled rPET Sew-All Thread 100m - Col 800

Gutermann Recycled rPET Sew-All Thread 100m - Col 000

Gutermann Recycled Sew-All Thread Set 10pk - Basics

Gutermann Recycled Sew-All Thread Set 20pk - Basics

10mm NewLife Recycled Double Faced Satin Ribbon - White

Want to learn more about fabrics you see on the show?

If you're new here, you may not have seen that we have made our very own fabric sample guides. They're a way to help you learn to identify different fabrics and how they feel and behave. The books include 52 samples of common fabrics, alongside useful info like composition, what to use them on and needle type required.
May 20, 2021