Things got a little colder in the studio (much like the weather here in Britain this week) as the bee's took on winter week! All jokes aside, they actually made some really cosy garments that almost have us ready to tackle the cold all over again...

Sewing Bee Style Guide - Series 7, Episode 7

Pattern Challenge

The bees took on a classic in the pattern challenge this week... a flannel shirt. There were a lot of issues trying to pattern match plaid, but don't let that put you off - just go for something easier to pattern match if you want to!

Simplicity 1544

Simplicity 8180

Simplicity 4760

Simplicity 8475

I'll be honest - we have zero plaid flannels in our collection right now. But we do have these cute flannel designs!

Riley Blake Designer Flannels Baby Bears - Bears Grey - Flannel Fabric

Riley Blake Designer Flannels Baby Bears - Clouds Grey - Flannel Fabric

Riley Blake Designer Flannels Fossil Rim 2 - Dinosaurs Cream - Flannel Fabric

Cloud 9 Northerly Polar Bears Dark Gray Organic Flannel Fabric

Made to Measure Challenge

They went all out in the made to measure this week, making some knock-out dresses worthy of any Christmas party! There were an array of gorgeous dress shapes and styles, all made in luxe fabrics like velvet, satin and lace.

Simplicity S8945

New Look N6680

 New Look N6679

Megan Nielsen Floreat Dress

New Look 6571

Simplicity S9097

New Look 6524

Simplicity 8511

Simplicity S8874

New Look 6447




Leopard Print Flocked Stretch Velvet Fabric

Navy Blue Stretch Velvet Fabric

Purple Leopard Print Jacquard Stretch Velvet Fabric

Petrol Leopard Print Jacquard Stretch Velvet Fabric

Embellished Embroidered Chiffon Fabric

Black Feather Jacquard Chiffon Fabric

Emerald Silky Taffeta Fabric

Sapphire Silky Taffeta Fabric

Bold Floral Silky Satin Fabric

Navy Corded Lace Fabric

Wine Heavy Corded Lace Fabric

Rose Gold Metallic Silky Satin Fabric

Soft Rose Micro Satin Fabric

Navy Micro Satin Fabric

Light Grey Micro Satin Fabric

Ivory Silky Satin Fabric

Black Silky Satin Fabric




Want to learn more about fabrics you see on the show?

If you're new here, you may not have seen that we have made our very own fabric sample guides. They're a way to help you learn to identify different fabrics and how they feel and behave. The books include 52 samples of common fabrics, alongside useful info like composition, what to use them on and needle type required.
May 27, 2021