As we're sure you know by now... we're setting up shop with our new fabric shop in Bournemouth! So we're bringing you weekly updates on the blog with sneaky peeks of our progress because we know you'll be dying to know how we're coming along! Read on for week 1...

 Shop Progress: Week 1

Well it's been a busy old week this week and somewhat of a whirlwind! This is what the shop looked like when we got the keys - pretty much an empty shell with no floor.  


Last weekend we spent Friday night and Saturday laying the new floor, while Saturday and Sunday were also spent packing up at our old office - we knew we had a lot of fabrics but we didn't realise quite how many until we had to bag them all up!

Check out Amy's other half sporting some snazzy heavy-duty kneepads to help out with the flooring...

Monday meant moving day so of course we were beyond tired and also massively excited! After 4 hours of packing up the van and just about managing to squeeze it all in (alongside some in Amy's car) we made our way over to our new home - and somehow managed to unpack in a record time of only an hour and a half! Safe to say though, we were pretty pooped so apart from packing up some immediate orders, we didn't get much else done.

It's felt a bit like moving house this week with everything still in disarray while we unpack slowly as and when we need things, and deliveries for new furniture and fabrics arriving daily. We've had lots of Ikea furniture to put together but it's a bit of a challenge compared to one or two units for home! Luckily we've had lots of amazing friends and family on hand to help. 


More exciting this week has been meeting with some teachers to look at organising some classes for you lovely lot, as that has been one of our most asked for requests for the shop! You'll be glad to know we are working on this and should have more details for you soon... 

Towards the end of the week we also managed to sort out a little shop window display to keep our progress under wraps from passers-by until we're ready to dazzle you completely - so if you want to see inside you'll have to read these blog posts to get a peek!

Our shop window has already been spotted and snapped on Facebook, so it looks like we have some keen customers already!

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And finally, we have given ourselves the day off today to relax a little and recover from a very busy week - but don't worry, we'll be back at it tomorrow! 


June 10, 2018