Want to encourage a little one to read? Make up one of these exciting cushions featuring a handy pocket on the front for their book of the moment - bonus points for using fabric that reflects their book choices! We couldn't resist the gorgeous new fabrics from The Good Knight collection by Michael Miller, and a fun dragon-themed read...

How to Make a Reading Cushion

You Will Need

How to Make

1. Begin by ironing all your fabrics to remove the creases if they have been folded. 

2. Next you need to cut your pieces to size. For the front background piece, cut a 37cm x 37cm square from The Good Knight main fabric.

3. From the dragons fabric, cut a rectangle measuring 37cm wide by 21cm tall - this will form the front pocket.

4. From the flags print fabric, cut two pieces, both measuring 37cm wide by 29cm tall. These will form the back of your cushion. You should end up with four pieces of cut fabric in total to make your cushion.

5. First you need to start with the front pocket. Thread your machine up with the col 189 thread to match the dragon fabric, or use a contrasting colour if you prefer. Turn over and pin a 1cm hem on the top edge, stitching about 2-3mm from away from the raw edge of the hem. Press flat.

6. Turn over again on the same edge and pin a 3cm hem, stitching a couple of millimetres away from your previous line of stitching. Press flat. Your pocket piece is now complete.

7. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for both back pieces in the flags fabric, using white col 800 thread. Make sure you sew it so that you hem the bottom of one piece and the top of another, with the flags pointing downwards on both, otherwise one set of your flags will be upside down when finished!

8. Now it's time to sandwich everything together. Lay your front backing piece (main) down, right side up. 

9. Then lay your pocket piece on top, right side up.

10. Finally, lay your two back pieces down with right sides facing down, making sure the flags are pointing down on each and that the two hems overlap the other piece. You should have wrong sides facing out on top and bottom of your sandwich, with the pocket sandwiched in the middle. 

11. Pin your pieces together.

12. Use your machine to stitch a 1cm seam allowance all the way round the square. 

13. Clip the corners, and turn inside out. Stuff with your cushion insert and you're done!

June 14, 2018