Find out how we've been getting on with settling in during week two at our new shop unit! 

Shop Progress: Week 2

It's been a tough second week for us, with lots of physical jobs to do! First came 21 pieces of Ikea furniture to put together and then attach to the walls... thank goodness for our handy assistants!


We also made a start on creating one of the most important pieces of furniture in any fabric shop - the cutting counter! 


Little by little we have managed to unpack fabrics, moving them around constantly between shelves all week, and half the embroidery threads are back on the counter (it's the little things). 

The good thing is that we have pretty much finished laying out one half of the shop which we're happy with... just the rest to go! We've also been busy buying lots of exciting new product, so watch out for these over the coming weeks. You can never have enough fabric!

June 19, 2018