Hemline Adjustable Zipper/Piping Foot


Struggling to sew zips with your standard machine foot? Try this adjustable zipper and piping foot to help you get a neater and closer finish. The open foot and narrow toe allows you to get close to the teeth of your zip or piping cord, enable you to sew a neater and more accurate line. The foot can be adjusted according to the left or right side of the zipper depending on what side you are sewing.

This affordable foot is ideal if you want to try out a zipper/piping foot to see if you get on with it, as it fits most machines and is a fraction of the cost of a branded foot. 

  • Made by Hemline
  • Low shank foot
  • Fits most machines (but not guaranteed)
  • Adjustable for sewing left or right side of zipper
  • Narrow foot allows you to sew close to the teeth of the zip, piping cord or beaded trim for a neat finish