Odif Fabric Booster Stabilising Spray 200ml


Stabilise fabrics with ease using this fantastic fabric booster spray from Odif. Great for embroidery, sewing, macrame, felt, lace and more, it enables you to stiffen your fabric to help stabilise your work. Best of all, once used, your fabric won't fray when you cut it - so it's perfect for those tricky fabrics that constantly shed or move around a lot. 

Once washed, your fabric will return to it's previous state. Spray the fabric you want to stabilise and let air dry or iron to facilitate drying, then stitch up a storm!

  • Made by Odif
  • Great for stabilising/stiffening fabrics
  • Good for working with tricky fabrics and avoiding fraying
  • Use for sewing, embroidery, macrame, felt, lace etc
  • Great for embroidery machines, cutting machines and printers
  • 200ml spray bottle