Prym Tube Turning Set


We've all been there... feeling like just giving up because you can't seem to get that damn tube more than half way pulled through for your straps. After half an hour of aggression, you chuck it on the pile and decide you'll have to come back to it later.

No more, with this fantastic gadget set from Prym! These handy turning tubes are here to make your strap making SO much easier. Simply pop the coloured tube inside your fabric tube, then using the bamboo stick to push it down the middle of the plastic tube - this will push the fabric in on itself and allow it to come out of the centre of the coloured tube the right way round. It saves so many precious minutes of sewing time, and definitely reduces the amount of swearing in your sewing room!

  • Makes turning tubes and straps so much easier!
  • 3 pieces included - Small, Medium and Large 
  • For tunnel width 9.5mm to 25mm +
  • Made from plastic and bamboo
  • Manufactured by Prym