Ever heard or seen talk of 'Fat Quarters' but not quite sure what is being referred to? Read on to find out more about the rise of a new cut of fabric...



Fat Quarters are becoming increasingly common with the rise in popularity of quilting in the UK. Originally an American term, a Fat Quarter refers to a cut of fabric which is essentially half of a half-metre of fabric, but cut in half as a square (along the selvedge) as opposed to across the width of the fabric (which normally creates a quarter-of-a-metre strip much wider than it is high).


What's the point? I hear you ask...

Well, Fat Quarters are usually associated with quilting and offer a great solution to buying a variety of different fabrics in small quantities to make up parts of a quilt. Their size means they are great for creating sections of a quilt with a variety of textures/colours/patterns that can co-ordinate, without having to waste money buying extra metres of fabric just for the sake of needing a square sized piece of a certain height. But they are being used for more than just quilting nowadays, and in the UK they offer a great option for sewers that enjoy patchwork, applique or making lots of smaller sewing projects, along with those who want to try out quilting.

How do I find/buy a Fat Quarter?

Most fabrics (especially craft fabrics and cotton fabrics that are suitable for quilting) are now offered as Fat Quarters, including most fabrics on our own website. To purchase, simply find your desired fabric and select 'Fat Quarter' from the drop down box to add one fat quarter to your basket.

Fat Quarters are also frequently sold in bundles that take the hassle out of co-ordinating colours, themes and patterns between fabrics as they comprise of a pre-selected bundle of fat quarters, usually in packs of 5 or 6. We offer Fat Quarter bundles ourselves, which can be found here, which are a great-value option for those wanting to try them out. You get a great selection of fabrics to use and a discounted price from buying them all separately - simple and hassle-free to get started!

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