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6 Nautical Sewing Projects to Get Ready for Summer

 The sun's out this week, and we're looking forward to months including sun, sand and more colourful sewing! And what's more summery than a nautical project or two? Our nautical fabrics are super popular at the moment, so if you've got your hands on some but need to find something to make with it, take a look at some of these great nautical sewing projects!

6 Nautical Sewing Projects to Get Ready for Summer


fabric sailing boats

Sail the high seas with these cute fabric sailing boats by Sew and the City


denim fabric doorstop with beach hut applique

Bring a little of the seaside into your home with a beach hut applique doorstop project by Kirsty Robertson.


nautical themed folding stool

Take the seaside into your garden by having a go at making your own folding stool project - either print the fabric yourself if you're feeling brave, or pick a nautical themed print that you love! Tutorial by Look What I Made


cross stitch embroidered anchor design on paper

If you're looking for an easy project to stitch in a few hours, why not try out a bit of cross stitch/embroidery with this cute anchor design by Matildigt


anchor shaped cushion

Brighten up your living room with an anchor shaped cushion by Camelot - comfy and stylish!


crochet anchor

If crochet is more your thing, this crochet anchor is just irresistible! A great little tutorial by Petals to Picots, which makes a fantastic little gift for a loved one.

 Need some fabric for your next nautical project? Check out our Nautical fabric collection here!

Best Chicken-Themed Projects for Easter

There seems to be a national day for everything now... and supposedly 19th March is national poultry day! We prefer our chickens looking cute and cuddly, so today we're bringing you the best chicken-themed projects we can find...

Best Chicken and Hen Sewing Projects for Easter


knitted mini chickens

Mini knitted chickens by Woman's Day 


authentic looking stuffed chicken toy

Authentic-look stuffed chicken by Ikat Bag


chicken juggling bags

Juggling Chooks by Red Ted Art


felt chicks with wire legs

Wired leg felt chicks by Myrtle and Eunice


knitted easter egg cosy knitted chick egg cosy

DIY chick egg cosies by Fi & Me


pompom chicks

Pom pom easter chicks by Crafts Unleashed

National Quilting Day: Makower Coastal Quilt Pattern

Today is not only St Patrick's day, but also National Quilting Day! And to celebrate, we've nabbed a fantastic pattern by Hilary Gooding for Makower to make up into a coastal themed quilt. Our nautical range of fabrics is our most popular range this month, so what better theme could we pick? Find free instructions below to make your wonderful seaside quilt, and feel free to swap in your favourite nautical themed fabrics for the beach huts.

How to make a Makower Nautical Quilt

Quilt Size 40" x 60" (100 x 150cm)

You will need:



First Cut



Cream Dimples 1867/L2

2 metres

Cut 5 strips WOF each 21⁄4" wide


Cut a strip WOF 101⁄2" wide

Trim to 401⁄2" long

Top Border

Cut a strip WOF 121⁄2" wide

Trim to 401⁄2" long

Bottom Border

Cut 2 strips parallel to the selvage each 12" wide

Trim to 381⁄2" long

Side Borders

Cut 2 strips parallel to the selvage each 3" wide

Trim to 381⁄2" long

Vertical Sashings

From remaining fabric:

Cut nine 41⁄2" x 21⁄2" rectangles

Horizontal Sashings

Cut twenty four 21⁄2" squares

Beach Hut Roofs

Red Coastal Village 1160/R

Fat 8th
27 x 50cm

Cut two 81⁄2" x 41⁄2" rectangles

Beach Huts

Grey Coastal Village 1160/S

Fat 8th
27 x 50cm

Cut one 81⁄2" x 41⁄2" rectangle

Beach Huts

Red Seagulls 1162/R

Fat 8th
27 x 50cm

Cut two 81⁄2" x 41⁄2" rectangles

Beach Huts

Blue Seagulls 1162/B

Fat 8th
27 x 50cm

Cut two 81⁄2" x 41⁄2" rectangles

Beach Huts

Turquoise Seagulls 1162/T

Fat 8th
27 x 50cm

Cut one 81⁄2" x 41⁄2" rectangle

Beach Hut

Grey Coatsal Icons 1163/S

Fat 8th
27 x 50cm

Cut two 81⁄2" x 41⁄2" rectangles

Beach Hut

Turquoise Coastal Icons 1163/T

Fat 8th
27 x 50cm

Cut one 81⁄2" x 41⁄2" rectangle

Beach Hut

Red Stripe 745/R7

Fat 8th
27 x 50cm

Cut one 81⁄2" x 41⁄2" rectangle

Beach Hut

Blue Coastal Village 1160/B

1.70 m


WOF = width of fabric (ie from selvedge to selvedge)

How to make your nautical quilt:

All seams are 1⁄4" unless otherwise stated.

Beach Huts

  1. Draw a thin pencil line diagonally across the wrong side of all the cream 21⁄2" squares.
  2. Place a cream 21⁄2" square right sides together in the top left hand corner of one of the 81⁄2" x 41⁄2" beach hut rectangles. Line up the top and left sides. The pencil line should run from the bottom left corner to the top right corner of the square.
  3. Sew along the pencil line. Trim to a seam allowance of 1⁄4". Press seam allowance under beach hut.
  4. Take a second 21⁄2" square and place it right sides together in the top right hand corner of the beach hut rectangle. The pencil line should run from top left corner to bottom right corner of the square. Line up the top and side edges.
  5. Sew along the pencil line. Trim back to a 1⁄4" seam. Press the seam allowance under the beach hut.
  6. Prepare all the beach huts the same way.


  1. Lay out all your beach huts in three columns and four rows in an arrangement of the colours that is balanced.

  2. First sew the columns together by sewing a cream 4 1⁄2" x 2 1⁄2" rectangle between the beach huts in each column. Press all the seams.

  3. Now sew the columns together with the two 3" x 38 1⁄2" vertical sashing strips between the columns. Press.

  4. Sew the two 12" x 38 1 ⁄2" side borders to the left and right of the centre panel. Press seams.

  5. Now sew the 10 1⁄2" x 40 1⁄2" top border to the top of the quilt top

  6. Sew the 12 1⁄2" x 40 1⁄2" bottom border to the bottom of the quilt. Press seams.


  1. Lay the backing out on a smooth, flat surface with the wrong side facing up.
  2. Spread the batting over the backing smoothing out any wrinkles and bumps.
  3. Lay the quilt top over the batting.
  4. Baste the layers together using your favourite method - safety pins, hand tacking, spray basting or micro-tacking
  5. Quilt as you like by hand or machine.
  6. Trim back the excess backing fabric and batting to the edge of the quilt top. Square up the quilt if necessary.


  1. Sew all the binding strips together using mitred seams into one long strip. Fold the strip in half along the length with wrong sides together. Press.

  2. Sew the binding onto the quilt front. Turn to the back and hand stitch in place.


Don’t forget to label your quilt with your name and the date. Add any other details you might want to remember.

Want to download a PDF of the instructions? Download the free pattern here.

12 Fat Quarter Projects to Start Today

Itching to get sewing but don't know where to start? Grab some fat quarters (or get them ordered for next weekend) and have a browse through our selection of projects from around the web, that will leave you with a finished project in no time!

12 Fat Quarter Projects to Start Today

Aspiring Accessories 

contrast lining camera bag

Camera Pouch Tutorial by Live It, Love It, Make It


lined glasses case

Lined Glasses Case by It's Organised


lined and padded kindle case

Kindle Slip Case by Charm Stitch


fabric bike basket, tie on and lined

Lined fabric bike basket by Make it Handmade


knitting and crochet pouch

Knitting/crochet pouch by A Spoonful of Sugar


quilted patchwork sewing machine cover

Quilted sewing machine cover by Sew Delicious

Home is where the sewing machine is...


handmade reversible cloth napkins

Reversible cloth napkins by Made with Moxie


hexagon fabric clock

Fat quarter hexagon fabric clock by Owen's Olivia


quilted cushions with pom pom trim

Quilted fat quarter cushion with trim by Cutting Corners

For the fashionistas...


peter pan collar

Peter Pan collar tutorial by Leafty Treetop Spot


fat quarter skirts with contrast hem

Infant fat quarter skirts by Infarrantly Creative

Shop fat quarter bundles 

Free Delivery on Fabrics & Haberdashery

Free Delivery on Fabrics & Haberdashery

We know that buying for the first time online with someone you've never bought from before can be a little nerve-wracking. You're not sure whether it will turn out like it looks, whether it will be the same when it's in your hands or even that all that money spent on delivery will be worth it. But we're confident that you will love our fabrics, because we love them too - and so do all our customers!

We've never had any complaints about the quality, design or colours of our products, and are happy to have happy customers all round! We pick only fabulous quality fabrics to stock in our store, because we believe that that's what makes good sewing projects great. All of our Makower fabrics are 100% cotton and British-designed, ideal for quilting and other homeware products, toy-making, dressmaking and more! Our dressmaking fabrics are all sourced from London design houses, so are of good quality and weight - exactly what you want with wearable items especially.

So if you want to give us a go, we'd be thoroughly thrilled - and to encourage you to take the plunge, we're giving you free delivery off all orders this weekend. Nobody likes to spend money on delivery when we know that all that money could be spent on buying extra fabric! (or so say all fabric addicts we've ever met!)

If you have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to drop us an email at or give us a ring on 01202 420306.

Happy sewing - it's time to get started on those valentine's and spring projects soon!

January 23, 2015 by Amy Gilbert

12 Spring Projects to Brighten Your Day

Grey January days can often leave you feeling like you've lost your sewing mojo a bit. So we scoured the web for a bunch of colourful spring projects to help brighten your sewing brain and get you back under the machine!

12 Spring Projects to Brighten Your Day

pink pleated chiffon skirt

Pink pleated chiffon skirt by Threaded


white leather flower applique clutch bag

DIY Burberry-inspired flower clutch bag by Free Series


colourful flower hair pins

Colourful fabric flower hair pins by Minted Strawberry


pretty elastic and flower bookmark

Flowery spring bookmark by Onelmon


butterfly felt needle book

Felt butterfly needle book by Wild Olive


leather bunny brooch

Leather Bunny Brooch by See Kate Sew


fabric flower lamp shade

Fabric flower lamp shade by Mette Jakobsen


fabric easter egg wreath

Fabric easter egg wreath by Nap Time Creations


quilted table mat

Circular quilted placemats by Imagine Gnats


patchwork fabric plant pots

Patchwork plant pots by A Bit of Sunshine


sheep cushion

Little lamb pillows by The Purl Bee


fabric pompom

Fabric pom poms by Once Wed

Royal Sewing - Baby Sewing Projects for New Arrivals




With the announcement of Wills & Kate's second child today, we couldn't resist a little post about sewing for new arrivals! 

Read on to find all sorts of sewing projects for babies, from toys to useful equipment (think burping cloths and more), that can all be made that extra bit special by making yourself, and make great baby gifts.
Comment below to share any ideas you have or baby-related things you have made in the past!


One of the sweetest baby toys that will keep them interested and let them snuggle up when they get sleepy are these baby Taggie Dinosaurs. The ribbons are stitched securely so they won't come off, and are great for little chompers to get their teeth/gums into! 


Find the tutorial at


If you're looking for something a bit different for a new baby, check out these kitsch Baby Faux Vest Onesies! Something of an ode to the late Doctor Who that was Matt Smith in my opinion, but they still look pretty cute for an evening out with your baby boy.



Find the tutorial at


A beautiful Felt Bird Mobile like this one would be a great gift for a baby shower - simply cut the relevant shapes and pieces out of coloured felt and stitch together with a simple blanket stitch or overstitch, and sew in ribbon or rope for hanging. Easy project for beginners to have a go at, and make it in whatever colours correspond to the nursery!





Another quirky find are these fantastic Superhero Baby Bibs, perhaps a good one to appease the fathers out there! Sadly not a free one, but the pattern is on Etsy for only a few pounds which isn't too bad!


For something more practical, these Re-usable Snack Baggies are ideal for adventures out and will see you through the toddler years too! Put anything from grapes to rusks in them and if you use PVC/Oilcloth, they are super easy to wipe clean if things get a little messy. 



Find the instructions at


Baby girls can look every bit the princess that they are, in these DIY Dress Onesies! Update a simple onesie suit by adding a skirt to the outside, which not only looks stylish but is a lot easier and warmer in winter than getting out the baby dresses. Find the tutorial and some ideas at




Boutique Burp Cloths are a great idea for a gift, or tackling a small sewing project while you're still with bump. They'll also come in super handy once baby arrives, and you can never have too many! Use whatever fabric most appeals to you on the outside, and something soft and absorbent on the wipeable side for comfort and ease of use. You'll never be without them!


As we're getting further and further into September, we know that the inevitable cold weather will hit sometime, so be prepared with some cute DIY Baby Mittens. Make them in an array of fun fabrics to keep your little one happy and warm as can be! Find the tutorial at



And for a truly elegant and beautiful gift for a mum-to-be, why not try out making a Simple Two-Piece Quilt that will look stylish in their home/nursery and be beautifully comfy for their little one? Take a look at this one for inspiration - it really is quite simple, using two pieces of fabric sewn together, so don't feel daunted about taking on a quilt!

September 08, 2014 by Amy Gilbert

What are Fat Quarters?

Ever heard or seen talk of 'Fat Quarters' but not quite sure what is being referred to? Read on to find out more about the rise of a new cut of fabric...



Fat Quarters are becoming increasingly common with the rise in popularity of quilting in the UK. Originally an American term, a Fat Quarter refers to a cut of fabric which is essentially half of a half-metre of fabric, but cut in half as a square (along the selvedge) as opposed to across the width of the fabric (which normally creates a quarter-of-a-metre strip much wider than it is high).


What's the point? I hear you ask...

Well, Fat Quarters are usually associated with quilting and offer a great solution to buying a variety of different fabrics in small quantities to make up parts of a quilt. Their size means they are great for creating sections of a quilt with a variety of textures/colours/patterns that can co-ordinate, without having to waste money buying extra metres of fabric just for the sake of needing a square sized piece of a certain height. But they are being used for more than just quilting nowadays, and in the UK they offer a great option for sewers that enjoy patchwork, applique or making lots of smaller sewing projects, along with those who want to try out quilting.

How do I find/buy a Fat Quarter?

Most fabrics (especially craft fabrics and cotton fabrics that are suitable for quilting) are now offered as Fat Quarters, including most fabrics on our own website. To purchase, simply find your desired fabric and select 'Fat Quarter' from the drop down box to add one fat quarter to your basket.

Fat Quarters are also frequently sold in bundles that take the hassle out of co-ordinating colours, themes and patterns between fabrics as they comprise of a pre-selected bundle of fat quarters, usually in packs of 5 or 6. We offer Fat Quarter bundles ourselves, which can be found here, which are a great-value option for those wanting to try them out. You get a great selection of fabrics to use and a discounted price from buying them all separately - simple and hassle-free to get started!

Take me to the Fat Quarter Bundles!