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15 Spring Sewing Projects You Have to Make

Spring is in the air, with lighter days and buds beginning to bloom! So we thought it was about time to turn our hand to some spring and Easter sewing projects...

5 Spring Sewing Projects You Have to Make

Hen Easter Egg Holder Project Box

Add some fun to your Easter eggs with this cute little guy to pop your choccie eggs in - you can even use for non-edible gifts like plants too!

Hen Easter Egg Holder Project

Spring Bunny Project Box

Make a cute lil bunny to brighten up your home, sit her on your mantel piece to bring a bit of spring inside!

Spring Bunny Project



Spring Mini Table Runner Project Box

Brighten up your dining table with a pop of spring, with this fresh mini table runner - chick fabric makes it even CUTER!

Spring Table Runner Project


Pot Holder Project Box

If you prefer a subtle bit of spring style, why not try this fun pot holder for the kitchen?

Quilted Pot Holder Project


Make a cute bucket bag suitable for your Easter Egg hunt but also practical for storage afterwards!

Spring Bucket Bag Project

March 08, 2017 by Amy Gilbert

Easter Bunting Project

Easter Bunting for Beginners

Looking for a project to fill your Easter weekend? Easter bunting is an easy way for to get to grips with your sewing machine a bit better and brighten up your home with the colours of spring!

Our Flo's Garden fabrics would be great for this project as they are fun, bright and colourful - we recommend alternating Flo's Garden Birds and Flo's Garden Scenic and Pinstripe Citrus Lemon. If you're feeling even more colourful, you can add in Pinstripe Pink and Flo's Garden Toadstools too!

You can find them by clicking on the names above or the images below, which will take you to the correct product pages so you can add them to your basket really easily - just select the length you need and add!





What you'll need:

0.25m Flo's Garden Scenic

0.25m Pinstripe Citrus Lemon

0.25m Flo's Garden Birds

0.75m Plain Backing Fabric (Spectrum White is good, or if you're feeling colourful, Spraytime Tiffany Blue)

3m Bias Binding or Ribbon


1) Cut out your triangles of fabric size 16cm along top/bottom edge and 22cm along diagonal. You should get six from each patterned fabric and 18 from the plain fabric. Make sure you cut them so that the pattern of the fabric is the right way up with the 16cm edge at the top!

2) Line up your patterned front piece with a plain back piece, right sides together. Sew down the two 22cm sides of the triangle, allowing yourself 1cm border for the seam allowance.

3) Trim off some of the excess fabric towards the point of the triangle you have just sewn, to allow a sharper point when turned out.

4) Turn out the triangle so that the right side of the fabric is now on the oustide. Tip: You can use a pinhead to help you push out the point of the triangle. 

5) Do the same for the rest of your triangles. You can iron them flat at this stage if you wish.

6) Now trim off any excess thread or points of fabric hanging out of the top of the triangle.

7) Time to assemble! You can use either bias binding or ribbon. Assemble your triangles in the order you wish to place them. 

8) To attach the bias binding/ribbon you will basically be folding it in half lengthways, sandwiching your triangles along the top unsewn edge in between the two halves of the bias binding/folded ribbon.
Start by sewing 10-15cm of the bias together for one end to hang from, then place your triangle between the bias binding/ribbon and continue to sew in a straight line, topstitching over your triangle and bias binding together. 

9) Continue to add triangles next to each other, leaving a small gap between, and sewing over the top of the bias binding with triangles sandwiched inside. 

10) When you get to the end, sew the ends of the bias binding/ribbon together again like you did at the start. 

11) Hang with pride in your beautiful home!



If you're struggling with this project and need a little help, let us know either on our Facebook page at or drop us an email at and we'll try our best to help you out!