It's time to learn a new skill, as January is National Hobby Month! Whether it's crafts, sports or something else, it's never a bad thing to keep learning something new. We, of course, reckon sewing is the best hobby of them all to have a go at starting, and here's why...

National Hobby Month: Why Start Sewing?

Learn a Useful Skill

Sewing is such a versatile skill to learn, that it really does become useful in so many ways. Once you've mastered the basic, you can make all sorts of things from clothing to gifts to home furnishings. Plus, there's nothing greater than a sense of achievement after you finish each project!

Save Money

This has to be one of the best reasons to start sewing - you can save so much money, whilst creating beautiful things at the same time! If starting a project from scratch, it's often cheaper to buy materials and make it yourself than to buy the same item ready made or mass produced in a shop. Greater advantages to learning to sew are that you can upcycle items and fabrics you already own, creating new pieces for very little money at all! Plus, you can make your favourite items of clothing last a lot longer, as you'll be able to repair them easily.

Pass it On

There's nothing I've learnt that has been so valuable as being taught to sew by my own mum. And once you get to grips with it, it'll be something you can pass on too - whether to family or friends. It's a gift that keeps on giving, and is great in an emergency - amazing last-minute costumes can be stitched up in no time!

Make it Perfect

One of the main reasons I started sewing was because I found it really hard to find clothes that fitted exactly right, or were made in fabrics or colours that I liked. One of the advantages of sewing your own items is that you can choose whatever colours and prints you like best, and make them fit you perfectly (with a little practice!).

Get Creative! 

Sewing is a great way to help unleash your creativity, something we all could often do with a little more of in life! It's a great way of relaxing and unwinding, whilst taking some time for yourself to make what you want, in the way you want. Treat yourself!

Take it at Your Own Pace

Unlike some other hobbies, sewing is vastly adaptable to your schedule. You only have to commit as much time as you want or have, and can work on whatever size project you feel comfortable with. Simply sew as little or as often as you can manage, great for fitting around busy lifestyles.

Want to get started?
Check out tomorrow's post for how to get started! 


Or if you're feeling inspired get on it right away - we have plenty of great books for beginners, fabrics and haberdashery available to get you on your way to becoming a sewing extraordinaire!