Stuck on what to get for someone who loves to sew? Never fear, our top gift guide is here! With ideas to suit all budgets and skill levels, from beginners to advanced, take a peek and get them the perfect gift.

Top Gifts for Sewers  

Top Gifts under £50

This fantastic thread set gives you a range of colours to expand your stash of threads, with 30 of the most popular basic shades. It's great for a gift for someone who likes sewing or quilting, presented in a beautiful vintage Gutermann tin for that sewing nostalgia!


Linen Bee Hive Sewing Box

We adore this unusual style sewing box that's designed to look just like a bee hive! The premium linen fabric screams of rustic style, which fits perfectly with the theme and shape of this sewing box. The best details are the little applique bees buzzing around! The lid opens on one side and inside offers plenty of storage for all your sewing equipment, including a removable plastic storage tray.

Coco Dress Project Box

Including all the materials required to make the classic 'Coco' top or dress by popular pattern designer Tilly and the Buttons, this project box is perfect for making dressmaking a breeze with everything in one place, as well as an ideal present. You'll learn how to sew with stretch fabric, and can choose from a top or dress version, plus an optional funnel neck and pockets. This pattern is designed for confident beginners, but is a great afternoon project for more experienced dressmakers too! 


Top Gifts under £35

Hemline Gold Large Sewing Accessories Gift Tin

Not only does this gift tin come with a selection of premium quality sewing accessories from Hemline Gold, it also features the CUTEST sewing print on the outside too. You know we can't resist anything sewing themed! Plus the tin is great for storing little pieces of haberdashery like threads and buttons too. 

Bee Embroidered Medium Sewing Box

This chic bee sewing box is a great choice for those who want plenty of space to house their essentials. It features a co-ordinating cotton lining, built in pincushion and removable sorting tray, for all your sewing bits and bobs. We love the stunning bee design embroidered on the top, for a sewing box that's as pretty as it is practical. 

Gutermann Sew-All 100m Thread Set 20pk

This fantastic thread set gives you a range of assorted colours to expand your stash of threads. It's great value if you need to get a lot of colours and also makes for a gift for someone who likes sewing or quilting, presented in a neat Gutermann box.

Iris Knickers Project Box

Including all the materials required to make any version of the 'Iris' knickers by popular pattern designer Tilly and the Buttons, this box is perfect for making dressmaking a breeze. You'll learn how to sew with stretch fabric, and can choose from low, mid or high waistlines and leg options. It's the perfect mix and match pattern - once you’ve made your first pair, you’ll be hooked!


Milward Rose Gold Scissor Set 

Sew and cut in style with this stunning pair of matching scissors! Set off in chic rose gold, this high-quality scissor set includes both a large pair of 25cm dressmaking shears for easy fabric cutting, and a smaller pair of 11.5cm embroidery scissors for finer work like applique and thread snipping. Presented in a neat box, they make for a perfect gift!


Contrast Tote Bag Project Box

Make this cute tote bag with contrast bottom to take out – it fits all the essentials and more, and features a boxed bottom so it can stand up for ultimate practicality. The pretty contrast handles and base make for a point of interest for a tote that's both cute and practical.

Top Gifts under £25


Sew Obsessed Mug 

Mugs are a great gift, because we all know a good cup of tea or coffee is what sees us through those tricky projects! Plus, how can they resist these pretty stitch-inspired designs?

Sewing Notions Spill Bag

Keep your sewing space neat and tidy while you stitch with this handy spill bag that can sit by your machine (or side if you are hand sewing). The rectangle part is weighted and features a special grippy patch on the underside; simply pop it on the table next to your machine and let the bag part hang down to catch all your snippings and scraps.

Stitch in Time Woven Storage Basket

When you spend all your time sewing, your sewing things should bring you joy! This gorgeous woven basket is great for keeping on your sewing table, and housing all those little bits and pieces you use all the time, like your seam ripper, embroidery scissors, bobbins and more.

 Drawstring Make-Up Bag Project Box

Make a handy drawstring make-up bag with this simple project that's ideal for beginners. Simply shove all your most-used cosmetics inside, draw together the cord and go; then when you want to use something later, slacken off the cord and everything will lie flat and easy to find again. 

Rainbow Thimble Craft Organiser

Rainbow Thimble Craft Organiser

Storage is always one thing that most crafters struggle with, and these rainbow thimble organisers are a fun and colourful way to solve the problem! Sturdy and made in a gorgeous metallic ombre finish, they're fantastic for storing equipment like scissors and rotary cutters which can be in hand in a moment.


Prym Love Magnetic Wrist Pin Cushion

Prym Magentic Wrist Pin Cushion

Clearly, you can't underestimate the power of a magnet for sewists! What makes these pin cushions so great? Firstly, the silicone strap means they're easy to fit to any wrist size. Secondly, the metal plate means you don't end up stabbing yourself in the wrist when you put your pins in it. And lastly, the fact it's magnetic means no more scattered pins and also makes for easy clear up if you accidentally drop a load!

Sew Easy Sewing Machine Slip Reduction Mat

The soft cushioned mat helps to protect both your work surface and your machine, and features waffle grooves for extra grip to prevent slipping. At a sizeable 40 x 60cm, it's plenty big enough for all machines to fit with room to spare. Simply pop underneath and notice how much quieter and smoother your sewing machine is!

Bee Hive Pin Cushion

We adore this creative bee hive pincushion, in a gorgeous natural textured fabric, complete with little bees buzzing around it! You use your pin cushion constantly, so why not invest in the best?


Top Gifts for Beginners


Prym Love Starter Set

For someone who has no sewing equipment, this handy set of sewing accessories will set you up with all the necessary basics to get you started, including a good quality pair of scissors, magnetic pin cushion, fabric clips, markers, seam ripper and more - all in a cute pink shade and contained in an organised box! 

Jaimie Pyjama Bottoms Dressmaking Project Box

Learn how to make your own simple pj shorts with this handy project box! The Jaimie bottoms are an ideal first project for a complete newbie to dressmaking or sewing, with an easy-to-fit style and simple instructions. They also come in an extended size range. All fabric options have been chosen with beginners in mind, for the best possible experience on your first project!


Stitch in Time Medium Sewing Box

Stitch in Time Medium Sewing Box

If you're going to get them one piece of essential sewing equipment to keep their bits and bobs all neat and tidy, this is the one! Our sewing boxes make a great prezzie, and the medium size boxes are a great size to start for a beginner - if you're feeling generous, you can fill it with a few haberdashery bits too.


Hemline Double-Sided Bobbin Box

Get your sewing space organised with one of these handy bobbin boxes, perfect for keeping all your bobbins stored neatly, safely and easily. It also comes with 50 standard plastic bobbins in rainbow colours too - you'll never have to keep unwinding bobbins to re-use again, something that happens a lot for beginners!


Fat Quarter Basket Project Box

Make a handy fat quarter basket with this simple project that's ideal for beginners. They're great for storage at home, whether in your sewing room or bedroom, and also make a nice gift basket to give to friends (especially when filled with goodies!).


Top Gifts for Dressmakers

Sew Obsessed Pattern Weights Set

Ideal for dressmaking, especially when working with very fine and slippery fabrics which are hard to cut accurately with scissors. Don't you love the cute sewing design too?

Prym Love Tube Turning Set

Prym Turning Set

Turning out straps and tubes has to be the worst part of any project, especially if they're narrow. This amazing set of turning tubes from Prym makes it SO much easier to pull them through without losing the will to love or losing an hour to this horrible task!

Billie Sweatshirt/Sweater Dress Project Box

Learn how to make your own comfy sweatshirt or sweater dress with this project box! Including all the materials required to make the popular new 'Billie' top or dress by pattern designer Tilly and the Buttons, you'll learn how to sew with low-stretch fabric, and can choose from either a dress or a sweatshirt length, plus regular or balloon sleeves.

Fiskars 24cm Heavy Duty Dressmaking Scissors
Invest in a good pair of scissors, and you'll never have to waste your money buying new pairs as your cheap ones get blunt - Fiskars are worth their weight in gold for their cutting quality!


Top Gifts for Quilters 

Fiskars 45mm Flower Rotary Cutter

Fiskars Floral Rotary Cutter

This essential piece of equipment gets prettied up! No respectable quilter would be without a rotary cutter, but most of them are nothing special to look at - except for this beauty from Fiskars! Not only does it look pretty but it's practical too, from one of the most well-loved scissor brands, known for their excellent quality blades.

Olfa Aqua Premium Quilting Gift Set

Add a bit of colour to your sewing kit with an Olfa cutting set. This gorgeous gift set contains everything they'll need to get cracking with the most important part of quilting - the cutting! 

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen 

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

For those quilters that like to dabble in different styles, we highly recommend the Sewline glue pen. It's fantastic for paper piecing and any method which requires lots of pinning or tacking, and is a favourite among most quilters!

Quilter's A4 Multi-Mat

Get ready to be wowed by this multi-use, super-handy little mat! Designed with quilter's in mind, this fantastic item is essentially 4 mats in 1. Open it up and on you'll find a sturdy cutting mat for rotary cutting pieces; a sandpaper mat to help when you are transferring markings; a velour layout mat to help you create your blocks; and finally, both outside pieces can be laid flat with the printed design facing upwards and used as an ironing mat. 

Fiskars No-Touch Blade Changing Tool

This handy blade changing tool offers a safer, no-touch approach to changing your sharp rotary blades if you get nervous about handling them. The magnetic system ensures a stable process, and it can be used with Fiskars products that offer easy blade change features - ideal for quilters who regularly change their blades.

 June Tailor Quilt-as-you-Go Alexandra Tote Bag Wadding Kit

Have a go at the Quilt-as-You-Go method with this easy to follow 'sew by numbers' style pre-printed kit. You'll soon have created your own professional-looking quilted tote bag, perfect as a gift or simply a new addition to your bag collection!


Stocking Fillers


Prym Magnetic Needle Twister with Needles

Prym Magnetic Needle Twisters

There's plenty of sewing gimics and gadgets you can get, but at the end of the day the ones we really want are the ones that make our life easier. These magnetic needle twisters do just that, storing your needles (and pins) safely and securely with the magnetic inner tube. Trust us, you can turn it upside down and shake and they STILL won't fall out - amazing!


Floral Embroidery Scissors

Add a cute pair of floral handle scissors to your sewing box with these great quality embroidery scissors. Made from steel with a handy fine point, they will give you years of stitchy service and are easy to find in your sewing box!


Craft Sleep Repeat Project Pouch

This project pouch is a fantastic way to store your smaller craft and sewing projects without getting them all tangled up and messy - and a must for anyone that takes their projects out to a craft group regularly. With a fun printed message on the front and jazzy pom poms, it's as fun as it is practical!


Tulip Mini Stick-On Pin Cushion
These cute little pin cushions are made to look like a tulip, and not only do they look so sweet but they are super practical. With a suction cup on the bottom, they can stick to your machine for easy access to your pins as you sew - dreamy!
December 09, 2014