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Stuck on what to get for someone who loves to sew? Never fear, our top gift guide is here! With ideas to suit all budgets and skill levels, from beginners to advanced, take a peek and get them the perfect gift.

Top Gifts for Sewers  

For Everyone

Good Things Come to Those Who Sew Mug

Good Things Come to Those Who Sew Mug


Mugs are a great gift, because we all know a good cup of tea or coffee is what sees us through those tricky projects! Plus, how can they resist these pretty stitch-inspired designs?


Rainbow Thimble Craft Organiser

Rainbow Thimble Craft Organiser

Storage is always one thing that most crafters struggle with, and these rainbow thimble organisers are a fun and colourful way to solve the problem! Sturdy and made in a gorgeous metallic ombre finish, they're fantastic for storing equipment like scissors and rotary cutters which can be in hand in a moment.

Prym Magnetic Needle Twister with Needles

Prym Magnetic Needle Twisters

There's plenty of sewing gimics and gadgets you can get, but at the end of the day the ones we really want are the ones that make our life easier. These magnetic needle twisters do just that, storing your needles (and pins) safely and securely with the magnetic inner tube. Trust us, you can turn it upside down and shake and they STILL won't fall out - amazing!

Prym Love Magnetic Wrist Pin Cushion

Prym Magentic Wrist Pin Cushion

Clearly, you can't underestimate the power of a magnet for sewists! What makes these pin cushions so great? Firstly, the silicone strap means they're easy to fit to any wrist size. Secondly, the metal plate means you don't end up stabbing yourself in the wrist when you put your pins in it. And lastly, the fact it's magnetic means no more scattered pins and also makes for easy clear up if you accidentally drop a load!

Sew Obssessed Gift Box

If you're looking for a great all-rounder for someone who loves sewing, look no further than this Sew Obsessed box. It's full of a mix of both pretty AND practical items to satisfy them in every way, including pretty illustrated mugs, notebooks and also practical scissors that are great for fine work and fun sewing novelty buttons too.

For Beginners


Stitch in Time Medium Sewing Box

If you're going to get them one piece of essential sewing equipment to keep their bits and bobs all neat and tidy, this is the one! Our sewing boxes make a great prezzie, and the medium size boxes are a great size to start for a beginner - if you're feeling generous, you can fill it with a few haberdashery bits too.

Milward Rainbow Embroidery Scissors 


Never underestimate the importance of having a good pair of scissors to hand - it makes finishing projects much quicker and easier, as well as helping to achieve a more professional finish. We love the extra fine point on this pair for especially tricky projects.

 The Sewing Book - Alison Smith

The Sewing Book

Whether you want to be a dressmaker or a home sewer, this sewing handbook from DK is a must! It has so many helpful chapters on everything you might ever need to know, from different types of fabric and how they drape, to piecing and cutting patterns, as well as common problems and how to fix them! Even better, it also includes various projects with step by step photos to make it super easy to follow!


For More Experienced Sewers


Pink Sewing Machine Bag


This is a bit of kit that seems so simple, but so useful. If you take your machine out a lot to classes or on trips out the house, a good machine bag is invaluable. 

For the avid stitcher in your life, nothing will be more prized to them than their sewing machine! Help them keep it safe and clean in a stylish way, with a beautiful machine bag - the oilcloth material keeps out moisture whilst the sturdy plastic feet on the bottom are able to deal with a fair amount of wear and tear. They fit all standard sized machines and feature a large zip pocket on the front for storing all your wires, pedals and accessories!

Pssst...they also fit overlockers too - we've tried!


Grey Polka Dot Bobbin Case


Get their storage needs sorted, with these handy cases! No more tangled threads and bobbins shoved in the bottom of their sewing box or drawer - in these cases they can be neatly stored and easily found too!

For Quilters

Quilt-As-You-Go Pet Placemat - Bone
Quilt As You Go Pet Placemat
These adorable little projects are perfect for any pet lover! With both a fish and a bone design, choose your favourite whether you a cat lover or a dog lover, and follow the fun quilt-by-numbers pattern for an easy project that will look great in your home.


Fiskars 45mm Flower Rotary Cutter

Fiskars Floral Rotary Cutter

This essential piece of equipment gets prettied up! No respectable quilter would be without a rotary cutter, but most of them are nothing special to look at - except for this beauty from Fiskars! Not only does it look pretty but it's practical too, from one of the most well-loved scissor brands, known for their excellent quality blades.

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen 

Sewline Fabric Glue Pen

For those quilters that like to dabble in different styles, we highly recommend the Sewline glue pen. It's fantastic for paper piecing and any method which requires lots of pinning or tacking, and is a favourite among most quilters!

For Dressmakers

Dungaree Dress Project Box

Cleo Dungaree Dress Project Box

Treat the dressmaker in your life to their own little project in a box, which they can get started on right away! Each project box contains a pattern, matching thread, corresponding haberdashery and enough fabric to make up the pattern in any style! We love this trendy dungaree dress version.

Fiskars 24cm Heavy Duty Dressmaking Scissors

Fiskars Heavy Duty Dressmaking Scissors

Invest in a good pair of scissors, and you'll never have to waste your money buying new pairs as your cheap ones get blunt - Fiskars are worth their weight in gold for their cutting quality!


For Little Stitchers



Felt Letter to Santa Decoration Kit

Trimits Felt Llama Decoration Kit

Felt Llama Decoration Kit

Trimits Felt Unicorn Decoration Kit

Felt Unicorn Decoration Kit

Watch their little faces light up when they see one of these felt kits and realise they can make their very own decoration right away! With everything inside ready to go, they feature pre-punched holes and a plastic needle, making them ideal for kids of all ages.

Sloth Project Case


Keep all their creative bits neat and tidy with a handy case. Featuring a range of different pockets and storage spaces inside, it also has a detachable pin cushion, elastic loops to hold pens and equipment, and comfy carry handles for easy transportation. 

Stocking Fillers

'Love to Sew' Ribbon

If you're looking for something little but sweet, this is a great idea - get them some ribbon to show off what they love! It can be used to wrap gifts or simply given as a gift in itself to be used in all sorts of projects of their fancy.

  Prym Love Tube Turning Set

Prym Turning Set

Turning out straps and tubes has to be the worst part of any project, especially if they're narrow. This amazing set of turning tubes from Prym makes it SO much easier to pull them through without losing the will to love or losing an hour to this horrible task!


Try Something New

Beginner's Weaving Kit

Beginners Weaving Kit

Try their hand at threading of another kind, with a colourful weaving kit! Including all the wool and yarn you need to create a small weaving, you'll also find a wooden loom, shuttles and comb alongside photo instructions, all in a smart box. Choose from 8 different colours!

 Beginners Crochet Kit

Beginners Crochet Kit

Let them explore their creativity in another area with this simple crochet kit designed for beginners. Each kit comes with 2 balls of yarn, a hook and a comprehensive guide to crochet book - which includes full colour technique guides as well as projects.

December 09, 2014 by Amy Gilbert

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