How to Make a Makower Christmas Stocking

There's nothing as special as a handmade Christmas stocking, but if you're still feeling a bit unsure about your sewing skills, don't fear! Makower have these fabulous pre-printed stocking panels to help you create a beautiful traditional stocking using basic sewing skills.

 By Makower Fabrics


Materials Needed (makes 2)

How to Make

  1. Cut out each stocking and use as a template to cut one of each shape in wadding and lining.
  2. Place wadding to wrong side of each stocking and quilt as desired, (if wadding catches on machine dog  feeds place a light fabric (eg Muslin) under the wadding).
  3. Place stocking pieces right sides together and sew round edge leaving the top open.
  4. Clip into seam allowance around curves for ease of turning. Leave right sides inside.
  5. Lining - Place right sides of lining together and sew round with a seam approximately 6mm / 1⁄4" larger than the stocking seam, leaving a gap of 15cms / 6" down the middle of one side (to enable turning inside out of stocking). Once again leave top unstitched.
  6. Clip around curves and turn lining right sides out. Place lining inside stocking matching seams. Insert a hanging tab if required and place between stocking and lining. Next sew completely round top of the stocking.
  7. Now pull the stocking through the gap in the lining and then sew the gap together. Push lining inside the stocking.
  8. Top stitch around the top of stocking to keep lining in place and make top more stable. Stitch approximately 1cm / 3⁄8" From the edge.