How to Make Makower Stocking Advent Garland

Fabric advent calendars are pretty cool, but you can go one better on the fun-factor with Makower Stocking Advent Panels! When complete, you'll have 24 individual mini-stockings to fill and hang whilst you count down the days to Christmas. If you're feeling quirky, you can string them together to make some stocking bunting! 

 By Makower Fabrics




Materials Needed

For each stocking on the panel you need a back and two lining pieces and a three and a half inch piece of ribbon.

How to Make

  1. Cut out a stocking, a back and two lining pieces.

  2. With wrong sides facing, pin the tops of the front and front lining and the back and back lining

    pieces together. Stitch along the top edge to neaten the raw edge – zig zag or serpentine

    stitch for example.

  3. With the front and back units facing each other, stitch a 1⁄2" seam down the side, heel, toes

    and back up again.

  4. Trim the seam allowance to a scant 1⁄4" and carefully clip the inside curve.

  5. Turn over the top neatened edge up to the printed design.

  6. Stitch around the top edge of the stocking.

  7. Turn the stocking right side out and gently ease out the heel and toe with a blunt tool.

  8. Take a 3 1⁄2" piece of ribbon or tape, fold it in half and stitch in place along the previous line of


     9. Press.

    10.Repeat this process for the other 23 mini stockings.