Get that festive feeling all round your home with this fun Christmas tree inspired cushion! It's achievable even for beginners with no zip, just an envelope back and straight line sewing. If you love the design but don't want a cushion, it can easily be modified to make a wall hanging - just add wadding to the middle and bind the edges.

Finished size 40x40cm.

Cut-out Christmas Tree Cushion Sewing Project

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Start by cutting your cream snowflake fabric into a rectangle measuring 43cm x 55cm (the longest side of your fat quarter). Cut this in half from long side to long side, so you are left with two rectangles of fabric each measuring 43cm x 27.5cm. 
  2. Hem one of the 43cm sides on each rectangle by turning under by 1cm, stitching at 5mm, then turning under again and stitching close to the edge, about 2-3mm away. Press flat. These will create the envelope back of your cushion.
  3. Cut your trees fabric down to a square measuring 43cm x 43cm. This will be the front of your cushion.
  4. Cut out your tree template pieces and position in place on the back of the trees fabric. You want to put the top triangle so the tip is 21.5cm in from the left hand edge and 6.5cm down from the top edge. Place each subsequent piece lined up below with a 2.5cm gap between each piece. Pin in place and drawn around with a marker or pencil.
  5. Now the scary bit! Take some fine embroidery scissors and make a snip in the centre of each of your traced shapes, enough to get your scissors in. Then cut a straight line out to each corner, being careful to end your snip exactly on the corner. Fold the fabric inside the lines back on itself on the line you have drawn, to create a hole the same shape as the template. Cut down to about 1cm on each edge and press flat. These will form the shape of your cut-out tree. 

  6. Cut a rectangle of your green snowflake fabric measuring 31cm x 25.5cm and place behind the cut outs you have made so the right side shows through to match the right side of the cream snowflake fabric. Pin in place around each cut out to stop the fabric moving. Trim down any excess fabric to a few centimetres away from your pins. 
  7. Carefully top stitch around each cut-out 2-3mm away from the edge for each piece. Take your time and don't rush, but don't worry if your lines aren't perfectly straight as you can't really notice it once it's finished. 
  8. Once complete, trim down the backing piece a bit more precisely and press everything flat. 
  9. Time to assemble the cushion! Lay your front piece right side up and layer up with your two backing pieces right sides down, making sure they overlap. Pin around the edges. Stitch all round the edge using a 1.5cm seam allowance.
  10. Trim the corners and seam allowances, then turn right sides out and press. Pop your cushion pad in and you're ready to relax in comfort with a Christmas movie!

October 06, 2019
Tags: Christmas