If you want to add a bit of handmade prettiness to your Christmas table this year, have a go at this simple scandi runner. The squares fabric design gives a faux patchwork effect without all the hard work, so it's actually a pretty straightforward sew!

Scandi Table Runner Sewing Project

You Will Need

Seam allowance: 10mm

How to Make

  1. Cut between the labels to make a piece 28cm x 110cm for the body of the table runner. This leaves you with one row of labels for other projects.
  2. Cut 3 strips of the linen look fabric 6cm x 110cm for the border.
  3. To make the border, attach the long edges of the strips to the long edges of the labels, right sides together. Press and then use the third strip of linen fabric to attach an end border to each end, cutting to size as needed. Press and trim seams.
  4. Cut your wadding to the same size as your table runner front. Pin the front to the wadding – you can sew around the square designs onto the wadding to secure as much as you want.
  5. Sew the ribbon on the short edges 1cm from the edge if you want to add this detail, or leave as a plain border.
  6. Cut the backing from the remaining linen look fabric – you will have to make a join of fabric at each end to fit the backing. To do this cut another 6cm x 110cm strip from the remaining fabric and cut to the width of the table runner – then attach one at each end of the main backing then press.
  1. With right sides together, sew the front with wadding attached to the back, leaving a 10cm gap on the outer edge to turn out. Turn out and press.
  2. Hand sew the final 10cm gap to finish.

October 13, 2019
Tags: Christmas