The new year always ushers in the urge to make changes, and we're keen to challenge ourselves again this year with some new resolutions! Take a peek below to see what sort of thing you could challenge yourself to tackle in your sewing, and how to achieve your goals.

New Year Sewing Resolutions and How to Achieve Them

Getting started

If you've been interested in sewing for a while but never actually bitten the bullet to make a start yet, there's never been a better time! Whether you're a total beginner or a bit rusty after not having touched a machine for years, it's time to put your fears behind you and start searching for your first project. 
Here's a few suggestions of some easy projects that are great for beginners:


Challenge your skills

For those who have been sewing for a little while and want to advance their skills, why not challenge yourself to try a project which scares you a little? For intermediate sewists this could be something like a pair of tailored trousers or activewear, and for more advanced stitchers a pair of jeans or a coat. 


Here's some great patterns for intermediates to try:


And here's a few to advance your skills if you're more experienced:


Be more eco-friendly

Environmental awareness is a hot topic right now, and one that many sewists are concerned with when it comes to their hobby. The good news is, there are plenty of ways we can practice our hobby and still be mindful of the planet, from re-using materials to upcycling garments.
There are also a growing number of recycled and sustainable products appearing. Things like recycled thread and wadding are a great way for us to responsibly turn waste into new items to be used again and again without compromising on quality. Sustainable fabrics made from fibres like bamboo, hemp and tencel are also become more widely available - why not try something like Ramie for a linen-style garment or Bamboo wadding for your quilt? 



Use up your stash

Whether it's just getting too large or you'd like to be more mindful of your resources, using up your stash is a great resolution that a lot of us choose to try and stick to. With a wealth of fabric already at your fingertips, it will push you to get creative with what you've got. Just set yourself a few rules like only buying necessary essentials to finish a project such as haberdashery and plain fabrics to match or line. It's amazing what you can do with all that fabric, and just think of all the handmade gifts you'll be able to make too!

Check out some of our favourite stash-busting projects:

January 04, 2020